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Financial Planning and Budgets Section (FPB)


Effective Date: 01/01/1999

Last Modified Date: 03/19/2002

Operating Budget

The operating budgets include the continuation and expansion budgets. After the operating budgets are established, the Director of Financial Planning and Budgets notifies each department head of the department's budgets. Thereafter, it is the department head's responsibility to see that expenditures are kept within the detail budget established for each account.

See also: FPB Procedure 1, Planning and Administration of State Budgets

Budget Revisions

Budget revisions should be based upon continuous program planning and review of cost trends for the current fiscal period. A list of budget control level object codes and of UNC-Chapel Hill expenditure object codes, both of which are used in planning and requesting budget revisions, is shown in FPB Appendix 1, Subcodes (Object) for Budgets-State Funds.

Approval for Changes

Requests for changes should be made through the appropriate dean, director, and provost or vice chancellor, who in turn will forward the requests to Financial Planning and Budgets (FPB) for processing. FPB will determine whether the budget change will have to be approved by the State Budget Officer or if it meets the requirements for either authorized internal transfers or "flexibility." (Flexibility is a term that is used to describe the participation of UNC-Chapel Hill as a Special Responsibility Constituent Institution.)

Budget requests that meet the criteria for flexibility (see FPB Procedure 2, Requests for Budget Revisions) will be reviewed and signed by FPB. If the justification is sufficient, approval will be granted.

Authorized internal transfers will be approved by FPB. Requests for budget transfers that require approval of the Office of State Budget and Management will be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, before being submitted to OSBM. FPB will notify the department when changes are approved or disapproved by OSBM.

On-Line Budget Revisions

Departments that have on-line access to the Financial Reporting System (FRS) may adjust their budgets on-line, rather than using the paper BUD-101 (see FPB Procedure 2, Requests for Budget Revisions). Access must be requested from Financial Systems. FPB will provide the necessary training.

Additional Information

See also: FPB Procedure 2, Requesting Budget Revisions

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