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Financial Planning and Budgets Section (FPB)


Effective Date: 07/01/1997

Last Modified Date: 03/19/2002


BD119, or Budget Document number 119, contains the annual salary increase information for all permanent EPA (exempt from the personnel act) State-funded employees of the University. This category of employees includes faculty and EPA non-faculty (senior administrators, librarians, researchers, and instruction support employees). The salary budget for these employees and the expenditure of the budget funds are identified in object codes 1310 (EPA Teaching Salaries) and 1110 (EPA Regular Salaries). BD119 lists each individual employee within each object code of an account within a unit (such as a school or center) in such a way as to identify totals for each object code within each purpose code (101, Regular Instruction; 110, Organized Research; 151, Libraries) and each budget code (16020, Academic Affairs; 16021, Health Affairs; 16022, AHEC).

UNC BD119 Review Process

At Carolina, we refer to the entire salary review and increase exercise for EPA employees (regardless of funding source) as the BD119 process. The process comprises (1) reviewing each permanent EPA employee at the departmental level for purposes of awarding salary increases based on specifications defined by each department, (2) identifying appropriate fund sources for each salary, and (3) reporting these recommendations, through the required administrative offices within the University, to the Office of the President (OP) and the Office of State Budget and Management.

Legislative Approval and Instructions

The BD119 process occurs after the N.C. General Assembly approves legislation providing the OP with instructions and funds for implementing salary increases. The OP then approves specific instructions for the use of the salary increase funds allocated to the 16 campuses. Instructions are normally received within 1-2 weeks after the Legislature adjourns. Adjournment is usually in late July or early August, with salary increases being effective July 1 of that fiscal year.

Salary Approval and Implementation

BD119 serves as a request for approval of the recommended salary increases when submitted to the academic vice chancellors and the Chancellor of Carolina. Once reconciliation is verified and approval is obtained at the campus level, the document is forwarded to the OP for review and approval by the President and the Board of Governors. When approval is obtained, an electronic version of the document is used to update Carolina's payroll system with the new annual salary amounts for each individual (all EPA employees, regardless of fund source) along with any other pertinent information (appointment term, position title, etc.) that requires revision. A PD-7 form indicating the changes in appointment term, position title, etc., must be completed and either accompany the BD119 documents or be turned in separately for this information to be changed during this update process. The electronic version is also used to create a new University Budget Position Control file for the upcoming fiscal year.

Reconciliation of State-Funded Positions

In addition to the puruposes described above, the BD119 serves as a reconciliation of the State-funded positions (both appropriation and receipt supported) for each account within a unit within each purpose dode and each budget code for use by University offices as well as by the OP and the Office of State Budget and Management.

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