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Financial Planning and Budgets Section (FPB)


Effective Date: 03/09/2004

Last Modified Date: 05/25/2005

Procedure Description

Department heads should review their monthly FBM090 Account Statements and, when needed, enter an on-line budget revision. These revisions should be made as soon as possible when needed, so that budget reports will at all times reflect a realistic budget for the current fiscal period.

The Financial Planning and Budgets Office (FPB) will be responsible for object codes described in FPB Appendix 1, Object Codes for Budgets and Expenditures. A computer prorate program will transfer budget directly from unallocated staff benefits to UNC-Chapel Hill staff benefit object codes in the Revised Budgets column of the FBM090 to equal expenditures made from those lines.

Procedure Steps

Review of Revision Requests

The following areas should be given particular attention in departmental reviews and requests for revisions:

Financial Planning and Budgets Office Approval

FPB reviews the requested transfers, makes necessary changes, approves authorized internal and flexibility transfers, and obtains approval from the State Budget Office when required.


Transfers of budgets (including lapsed salaries) may be made between any purpose(s) and object(s), with the following exceptions:

Transfer requests must be justified in detail. Each requested increase must be explained because FPB has to report these transactions to UNC OP, the Office of State Budget and Management, and the N.C. General Assembly.

An example of proper justification would be "Purchasing a computer for office to improve productivity by providing access to the FRS accounting system." A justification of "covering overdrafts or deficits" is not acceptable.

Flexibility transfers should not be mixed with non-flexibility transfers. Please refer to the section immediately below to determine which type of transfer you are trying to make. For flexibility transfers you may use the on-line flexible budget transfer (FBT On-line).

Special Instructions

Non-Flexibility On-Line Budget Transfers (0BT)

Flexibility On-Line Budget Transfers (FBT)

Additional Information

See also:

FPB Policy 5, Maintenance of University State Budgets

FPB Appendix 1, Subcode (Objects) for Budgets-State Funds

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