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Financial Planning and Budgets (FPB)


Effective Date: 07/01/1996

Last Modified Date: 12/10/2003

Advance Approval and Planning

To ensure that Holiday Premium Pay is awarded only as necessary, the dean or administrative officer must certify in advance that an employee's services are required on a University holiday. Adequate program planning is necessary in order to minimize scheduling permanent staff employees for work on designated holidays.

State and University holiday premium pay policy for SPA employees is found on the Human Resources Web site.

Department Head's Responsibility

Each department head is responsible for exercising adequate supervision to ensure that permanent staff employees comply with established work schedules and are not scheduled to work on designated University holidays, except when an emergency exists and/or the nature of the work justifies the additional cost.


The department head is also responsible to see that approval has been cleared through administrative channels when it is necessary for employees to work on designated holidays.

Proper Object Code

The actual expenses must be disbursed under UNC-Chapel Hill object codes 1131 and 1234, Holiday Premium Payments. See FPB Appendix 1, Subcodes (Object) for Budget and Expenditures.


In emergencies that require employees to work on a designated holiday, the department head should schedule only the necessary amount of work time on the holiday after obtaining the approval of the dean or other administrative officer.

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