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Financial Planning and Budgets Section (FPB)


Effective Date: 07/01/1997

Last Modified Date: 04/02/2002

Procedure Description

The purpose of the BD-119 process is to reallocate salary sources for the new fiscal year, based on future responsibilities and commitments.

Procedure Steps

  1. At fiscal year end, the payroll master file and the budget position control file are used to generate a report that includes all permanent EPA (faculty and non-faculty) individuals employed at the University and on State funds as of July 1. The budget position control file is manually adjusted to include any State-funded July 1 actions that have not yet been entered into the payroll master file or the budget position control file. NOTE: It is important to have all July 1 PD7 forms effecting changes in FTE, changes in rank, etc. to the Office of Financial Planning & Budgets (FPB) before year-end closing.
  2. Once the file is complete, worksheets for each individual (called EPA employee worksheets) and for each State-funded account (called position control sheets) are produced. Employee worksheets for vacant/slotted positions and blank worksheets are also created by the system. These worksheets will appear on-line for each department. Each department should have access to all funding sources under its control, regardless of the department that appoints the employee.
  3. a. Health Affairs and Academic Affairs Professional Schools enter information on-line. Other Academic Affairs units complete paper worksheets. (Some departments will provide this information on a diskette to be uploaded into the system.)
    b. The information to be entered includes 1) the July 1 salary and corresponding FTE by employee or position, into the EPA employee worksheet file; and 2) the July 1 position amount and corresponding FTE, into the position cross-check file.
    c. After this information is entered and reviewed by the department head, the automated realignment program is run.
  4. Reallocation of salary sources. Realignment is completed for the purpose of reallocating salary sources based on future responsibilities and commitments. The realigned June 30 salary amount will be used only for BD119 purposes and most likely will not be representative of how an individual was actually paid on June 30.
  5. Once the realignment process is complete, the salary increase information is reviewed and approved by the department head.
  6. FPB balances the budget for Budget Codes 16020, 16021, and 16022, as well as for Facilities and Administrative (F & A) receipts; and prints the BD119.
  7. EPA salary increases for permanent employees are implemented when General Administration approves the BD119.

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