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Prefix: FPB

Effective Date: 07/01/1997

Last Modified Date: 01/24/2012

Policy Statements

  1. See New Manual

  2. See New Manual

  3. Preparation of University State Budget Requests

  4. See New Manual

  5. Maintenance of University State Budgets

  6. Budget Document BD-119

  7. See New Manual

Procedure Statements

  1. Planning and Administration of State Budgets

  2. Requests for Budget Revisions

  3. Budgets and Control of Holiday Premium Pay

  4. Budgets and Control of Shift Differential Pay

  5. Budgets and Control of Overtime Work and Pay

  6. See New Manual

  7. Budgets and Control of Standby Pay

  8. Budget Document Process BD-119

Appendix Statements

  1. See New Manual

  2. Vacant

  3. See New Manual

  4. See New Manual

    The following appendices are reproductions, in Word format, of the CP-30 and Check Request forms required in dual employment situations. Appendices 5–11 are completed for situations in which UNC–Chapel Hill is the borrowing agency:

  5. CP-30: Supplemental Payment

  6. CP-30: One-Time Payment—Joint Appointment

  7. Check Request: Supplemental Payment

  8. Check Request: One-Time Payment—Joint Appointment

  9. CP-30: Supplemental Payments

  10. CP-30: Base Pay

  11. Check Request: Supplemental Payments

    Appendices 12–14 are completed for situations in which UNC–Chapel Hill is the loaning ("parent") agency:

  12. CP-30: One-Time Payment—Joint Appointment—Base Pay

  13. CP-30: One-Time Payment, Supplemental

  14. CP-30: Base Pay

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