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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)

Appendix 1

Effective Date: 07/01/1996

Last Modified Date: 02/09/2004

Document Description

The Purchase Requisition is used by all departments and agencies of the University to request materials or services from commercial establishments, as described throughout this Manual. It is also used to request certain materials and services from University agencies, such as Student Stores, and to request payment for services or materials from commercial companies or individuals that have furnished services and materials on a confirming basis. Although normal services of a contractual nature and the acquisition of materials are not handled on a confirming basis, there are certain requests that are best handled in this manner, as described throughout this Manual.

General information for completing a Purchase Requisition follows. When specific information is needed for a particular type of purchase, refer to the related Procedure. (For example, MSD Procedure 37, Obtaining Upholstery Service, specifies that the vendor should be left blank.)

Using the Purchase Requisition to Request Payment to Outside Vendors

The on-line Purchase Requistion is the preferred form of submission; use of Form P-101, the three-part, pre-numbered, snap-out paper edition described below, is being phased out.

  1. In general, do not use the Purchase Requisition for interdepartmental services. Some exceptions are telephone systems requests and requests to Physical Plant for capital improvements.

  2. Type the Purchase Requisition, with a single line of text per line on the form. When more than one page is required, use a second Purchase Requisition, marking through the form number on the second one and typing in the Requisition number from the first form.

  3. Instructions for filling out the Purchase Requisition are printed on the back of each form. Pay particular attention to these:
    • Block 9 is the name and campus address of the person who should receive paperwork related to the purchase; Block 10 is the name and campus address of the person who should receive the actual item purchased.
    • Blocks 11 and 12--use no more than six account numbers for each requisition; if more than one account is used, show either the dollar amount or the percentage of the total purchase to be charged to each.
    • Block 13 is the consecutive numerical listing of items ordered, beginning with 1. It is not the same as a part number or stock number. Similarly, Block 14b will be filled in by Purchasing.

  4. Retain the yellow copy for departmental files. Submit the remaining copies, with carbon intact, to Purchasing Services, CB #1100.

  5. The blue copy will be returned to the campus department once the order is processed. This copy reflects changes and/or notes made by Purchasing and is the department's notification that the order has been processed.

  6. Purchase Requisitions that are incomplete or improperly filled out will be returned for completion before being processed.

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