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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)


Effective Date: 01/31/1996

Last Modified Date: 02/10/2004

Document Description

The Storeroom or Departmental Requisition (P-108) is a six-part, prenumbered, snap-out form that is used by all departments and agencies of the University to request materials and services from University storerooms and service agencies. This form is not used for non-stock or equipment items from the Student Stores; services from the Physical Plant; or equipment transfers between University departments or agencies. In the statements in this Manual describing the services offered by the various agencies, detailed descriptions are given on how to use this form. Storeroom requisitions are distributed to all University schools, departments, and agencies. Additional sets of Storeroom Requisitions can be picked up at the Materials Management and Distribution Divsion.

Using the Storeroom Requisition

General Notes

If more items are requested than there are spaces to list on the Storeroom Requisition, submit a second Storeroom Requisition. Each Storeroom Requisition must be complete within itself. Do not try to make a "page two" out of a second Storeroom Requisition.

Retain the fifth (white) copy for departmental files. Submit the remaining copies, with carbon intact, to the University storeroom or service agency.

The sixth (goldenrod) copy will be used as a packing list and will be returned with the supplies.

Completing the Form

The numbered blocks on the Storeroom Requisition must be completed as indicated below. Storeroom Requisitions that are incomplete will be returned for completion.

The requisitioner completes blocks 1 and 2 (for departments using imprinters), 5 through 14, and 16 through 20, as detailed below.

  1. Name of requesting department.
  2. Requisitioner's name.
  3. Phone number of requisitioner or requesting department.
  4. Date Requisition prepared by department.
  5. Building and room number where order is to be delivered.
  6. The storeroom or service agency to which the Storeroom Requisition is directed is to be indicated by either marking an "X" against the appropriate storeroom or agency or writing in the blank space provided.
  7. The account name and account number to be charged. The account name can be found on budget reports. For State funds, the account name is often the department name; but for trust or contract funds, the account name is something like "NIH Grant" or "Davis Fund." (The account name is not the object code name.) Include the object code number.
  8. Note the expiration date of the account being used.
  9. Enter quantity needed.
  10. Enter issue unit (see catalog for this information: ea., case, doz., pt., gross, ft., . . .).
  1. Store stock number, the number assigned to the item by the University, as found in the appropriate storeroom catalog.
  2. Complete description of the materials being ordered, including size.
  3. Unit cost as listed in the appropriate storeroom catalog. Multiply by the number needed to get the extended total. Note: Prices noted in the printed catalog are changed without notice; on-line catalog shows current price.
  4. Signature of authorized purchaser.
  5. (When the order is delivered) Signature of the person receiving the order for the department.

Storeroom or service agency personnel complete blocks 3, 4, 15, and 21:

  1. Initial of stock clerk preparing the order.
  2. Date the order is completed by the stock clerk.
  1. Quantity shipped will be boxed in by the stock clerk filling the order.
  1. To be initialed and dated at the time of delivery by Storeroom personnel making the delivery.

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