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Effective Date: 07/01/1997

Last Modified Date: 02/10/2004

Document Description

The Alcohol Requisition (Form 1228), a four-part carbonless form, is used to request undenatured (tax-free) ethyl alcohol from the Scientific Storeroom. Alcohol Requisition forms are distributed to those departments that frequently requisition undenatured ethyl alcohol, or can be completed at the Scientific Storeroom as the alcohol is picked up by the using department. For details on the acquisition, use, and storage of tax-free ethyl alcohol, see Policy 45 and Procedure 24, Ethyl Alcohol Regulations. The Alcohol Requisition is completed in quadruplicate and forwarded to the Scientific Storeroom along with the Storeroom Requisition (Form P-108). Billing is processed on a monthly basis, using the Storeroom Requisition.

Departmental Use

  1. Submit the Alcohol Requisition in quadruplicate to the Scientific Storeroom along with a completed Storeroom Requisition.

  2. The various spaces on the Alcohol Requisition must be completed by the requisitioner as indicated below.
    • Date: The date the Alcohol Requisition is written and sent to the Scientific Storeroom.
    • Requisitioner No.: The Alcohol Requisition Number will be stamped on the Alcohol Requisition by the Scientific Storeroom at the time the request is filled.
    • Department: The department to which the alcohol is to be delivered and charged.
    • Quantity: The quantity of alcohol being requested, in pint, gallon, or 5-gallon measures.
    • Principal Investigator: Signature of authorized purchaser.
    • Delivery: Date the alcohol is actually received.
    • Recipient: Signature of the person who actually receives the alcohol.

  3. When the requested alcohol is delivered, the blue copy of the Alcohol Requisition and one copy of the Storeroom Requisition will be left with the requesting department.

  4. The white and yellow copies of the Alcohol Requisition are forwarded by the Scientific Storeroom to the Curator of Alcohol. The pink copy is retained by the Scientific Storeroom.

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