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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)


Effective Date:  07/01/1994

Last Modified Date:  11/17/2003

Central Receiving

Since most buildings on the campus are not accessible to common carrier vehicles, the University established the central receiving concept.  When a Purchase Order is issued to a vendor by Purchasing Services, shipping instructions are given on the order.  Vendors are generally instructed to deliver the materials to Central Receiving, located on Airport Drive (843-2029).


As soon as a common carrier delivers materials to Central Receiving, the materials are checked against the items ordered and the receiving entry is noted in the online system, preparing the order for payment upon invoicing.


Delivery from Central Receiving to the requesting department is completed by University employees using University vehicles.

Direct Delivery

Purchasing agents may elect to have certain materials delivered directly to the requesting departments because of the nature or quantity of the materials.  In these cases, the common carrier is responsible for the materials until they are delivered to the requesting department's loading dock. For large items to be delivered directly to the using department, "inside delivery" must be specified on the Purchase Requisition and the Purchase Order. Inside delivery may increase costs.

Small Order Procedures

Because small purchases (on Check Requests or the P-card) are not entered into the FRS system, Central Receiving cannot accept responsibility for receiving them. If Central Receiving services are desired, no matter what the value of the order, a Purchase Requisition must be generated and a Purchase Order issued.

Additional Information

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