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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)


Effective Date:  07/01/1993

Last Modified Date:  11/21/2003

Procedure Description

Authorization to use the State-operated Federal Surplus Property Warehouse in Raleigh is obtained from Material & Disbursement Services (M&DS).

A Purchase Requisition is not required to accept items.  The department receiving the property will prepare a Check Request or Purchase Requisition, as appropriate, as soon as the invoice for the property is received.  The completed Check Request or Purchase Requisition will be forwarded to the University's Surplus Property Manager, who will coordinate payment of the invoice.

Procedure Steps

To Request a Permanent Charge Authorization

  1. Call M&DS and request an Authorized Representatives form for obtaining Federal surplus property. This form must be signed by an authorized departmental employee.

  2. Return the signed form to M&DS, which will authenticate and forward the form to Federal Surplus Property to add the individual's name to the Federal Surplus Property authorization list.

  3. Should the authorized person terminate employment with UNC–Chapel Hill, notify the Director of Material & Disbursement Services so that the individual's name can be removed from the authorization list.

To Request a One-Time-Basis Charge Authorization

  1. To obtain permission to use the warehouse facility on a one-time basis, ask for a permit for such use from M&DS.

  2. M&DS will issue a letter of authorization for the requesting department to purchase Federal surplus property.

Go to Federal Surplus

At the Federal Surplus Property Warehouse, identify yourself as being on the permanent authorization list, or use the letter of authorization for one-time purchase, to obtain the desired Federal surplus property.

Complete the Payment Documents

The State will send an invoice for the Federal surplus property obtained by the department to M&DS, which in turn will forward the invoice to the department that received the property.  The department should prepare a Check Request or Purchase Requisition, as appropriate, for the property and forward the completed document to the University's Surplus Property Manager for payment.

Failure to Pay

Departments that fail to prepare the proper purchasing documentation in a timely manner will be removed from the authorization list until all delinquent invoices are paid.

Additional Information

See also MSD Policy 29, Obtaining Federal Surplus Property

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