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Effective Date:  07/01/2001

Last Modified Date:  02/03/2004

Procedure Description

It is sometimes more economical to maintain a service or maintenance contract on equipment than to pay separately for each service. "Service contracts" include not only traditional equipment, but also computer software maintenance, electronic online data subscriptions, and written software license agreements. To initiate a service contract, submit a Purchase Requistion to Purchasing Services; for renewals, submit a new requisition at least 60 days before the expiration date of an existing contract.  Any parts or other charges not covered by the service contract require the submission of a separate Purchase Requisition to Purchasing.

Procedure Steps

Submit the Purchase Requisition

  1. Include the following information in the Requisition:
    • the services or maintenance to be provided;
    • the beginning and ending dates of the agreement; and
    • a listing of the equipment to be serviced, including model number, manufacturer's serial number, UNC decal number, and location (building and room number).
    • For the date the item is needed, if applicable, type "As required" in this block.

  2. If requesting a renewal, indicate the existing Purchase Order number.

  3. The vendor will supply a Vendor Maintenance Agreement or similar letter of understanding. The department representative signs this written agreement or contract and forwards it with the Requisition to Purchasing.

  4. Submit the Requisition to Purchasing at least 60 days before the warranty (if any) expires.

Receive Copies of the Purchase Order and Requisition

  1. All written contracts/agreements are reviewed by the University's legal counsel or the Assistant Director of Purchasing before a Purchase Order is issued.

  2. Once the agreement is approved, Purchasing will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor based on the information submitted on your requisition.

  3. Once the Purchase Order has been issued, any changes must be made through Purchasing.

Authorize Renewal

  1. Existing service or maintenance contracts and agreements may be renewed by submitting a new requisition at least 60 days before the expiration of an old one.  Such requisitions must clearly identify the equipment to be serviced and the service period, and must refer to the existing Purchase Order number assigned to the original contract or agreement.

  2. To cancel the contract, submit a Purchasing Change Request.

Submit a Purchase Requisition for Additional Charges

Charges made for service not covered by the contract must be confirmed by a separate Purchase Requisition submitted to Purchasing. Send the completed Purchase Requisition with the invoice to Purchasing.

Additional Information

See also:

MSD Policy 44, Maintenance Service Contracts

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