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Effective Date: 07/01/1996

Last Modified Date: 02/04/2004

Procedure Description

Ethyl alcohol is requisitioned from the Scientific Storeroom with a Storeroom Requisition (Form P-108). The release of ethyl alcohol also requires an Alcohol Requisition (Form 1228). Send or take the forms to the Scientific Storeroom to obtain ethyl alcohol.

Procedure Steps

Prepare a Storeroom Requisition (Form P-108)

  1. Follow the instructions printed on the back of the Storeroom Requisition.
  2. Be sure to mark the box by "Scientific Storeroom."
  3. Show both the quantity and the units (e.g., gallons or pints) being ordered.
  4. Issue unit, store stock number, and unit cost can all be found in the storeroom catalogue.
  5. The authorized purchaser must sign the requisition.

Prepare an Alcohol Requisition (Form 1228)

  1. Fill out the Alcohol Requisition in quadruplicate.
  2. Specify the quantity of each of the following: gallons absolute alcohol, gallons 95% alcohol, and pints absolute alcohol.
  3. The Principal Investigator or other authorized purchaser must sign the requisition.

Send the Requisitions to the Scientific Storeroom

  1. Keep the white copy of the Storeroom Requisition for department files. Make a copy of the Alcohol Requisition if needed.
  2. Send the rest of the Storeroom Requisition and the four copies of the Alcohol Requisition to the Scientific Storeroom.
  3. The Storeroom Requisition may be mailed to the Scientific Storeroom, or carried by messenger directly to the Scientific Storeroom, and the alcohol obtained across the counter.

Receive Alcohol

  1. Pick up the alcohol at the Scientific Storeroom or arrange for an authorized person to receive delivery from the Scientific Storeroom.
  2. Sign for the alcohol on both requisitions--in block (20) of the Storeroom Requisition and in the "Recipient" blank of the Alcohol Requisition.
  3. Keep one copy of each Requisition for department files.

Additional Information

See also:

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