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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)


Effective Date:  01/30/2004

Last Modified Date:  02/06/2004

Procedure Description

Either Facilities Planning or Purchasing Services can help departments select the types and styles of furniture that are available on State contract and that fit departments' needs.

Procedure Steps

Consult with Facilities Planning

Call Facilities Planning (966-1571), if needed, or Purchasing.  See the Environment, Health, and Safety Web site for information about, and University policy on, ergonomics. See also MSD Procedure 28 for modular furniture purchases.

New Offices or Office Renovation Projects

Contact Facilities Planning (966-1571) for assistance in developing a floor plan of the office space, determining the style and size of any furniture required, and preparing a Purchase Requisition.

Replacement Furniture

If the needed furniture is to match existing furniture, identify the style name or number and manufacturer of the current furniture.  (The Purchase Order that was issued for the current furniture will contain the information.) Contact Purchasing to obtain a replacement furniture catalogue and vendor contact information. Once all the information is gathered, the department may make an appointment with Purchasing to answer any remaining questions.

Office Chairs

If a department needs office chairs as part of a new office or an office renovation project, Facilities Planning will assist the department in the selection of chairs. For all other chair requests, Purchasing has information available to help with the selection. Catalogue information is available in Purchasing's Customer Service area at 104 Airport Drive.  Also, some samples are available for the departments to try out before purchase. Please call ahead for an appointment.


Prepare a Purchase Requisition and send it to Purchasing. After any undecided details have been settled, Purchasing will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor. A copy will be sent to the department for its files. (See MSD Policy 48 regarding retention of Purchasing records for warranty purposes.) Once the Purchase Order has been issued, any changes must be made through Purchasing.

Additional Information

See also:

MSD Policy 48, Purchase of Office, Lounge, and Institutional Furniture

MSD Procedure 28, Purchase of Modular Furniture

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