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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)


Effective Date:  07/01/1996

Last Modified Date:  02/06/2004

Procedure Description

The purchase and installation of modular furniture (cubicles) is a complex process in which many factors must be considered, such as telephone and data requirements, electric outlets, lighting, impact on HVAC, and applicable fire and accessibility codes. Work Management is the liaison between the requesting department, Facilities Planning designers, all of the other departments involved, and the vendor. A 15% overhead fee is charged for this coordination.

Procedure Steps

  1. Submit a Facilities Management Request form to Work Management in the Facilities Services Division, CB #1800.
  2. Work Management requests Architectural & Engineering Services (A&E Services) to fully coordinate this project. A&E Services discusses the requirements with the customer and develops a drawing of the area showing the layout of the furniture.

    Among the factors to be considered are the following:

    • Ensuring that sufficient electrical power is available. Connecting extension cords to existing outlets may not comply with fire safety codes.
    • Ensuring that data wiring and sufficient termination points are provided.
    • Evaluating the existing overhead lighting. Sufficient overhead lighting is required even if the furniture comes with lighting.
    • Ensuring that the furniture material meets fire safety codes.
    • Planning for emergency exits to ensure that there are proper clearances and no blocked exits or routes.
    • Evaluating HVAC to determine the impact on required temperature and air changes.
    • Overseeing the contractor and the installation process to ensure that the modular furniture is installed correctly and safely and that problems are solved as they are identified.
    • Evaluating the condition of existing floor covering, testing for presence of asbestos, and providing an estimate for removal and replacement if required. Replacement after the new modular furniture has been installed will be more costly.
    • Coordinating the move of existing furniture to a new location or to Surplus if desired.
    • Evaluating contract proposals to ensure that the successful contractor will provide replacement parts, furniture repair, and expected service after installation.
    • Ensuring compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. A&E Services combines the cost estimate, drawings, and work plan (detailing the stages of the process) into a single package. The package is returned to Work Management, who contacts the customer to request funding.
  4. When the design has been funded, Work Management issues a request for bids to the prospective vendors of the furniture. The informal contract administrator assigned to manage this contract and the prospective vendors visit the job site to identify any unique problems at the site. Each vendor prepares a bid and sends it to Work Management.
  5. Work Management reviews the bids received from the vendors and recommends an award.
  6. Purchasing Services awards a Purchase Order to the selected vendor.
  7. It takes approximately 4–8 weeks for the vendor to deliver the furniture. Work Management remains in contact with the vendor to determine the time frame for installation. Work Management will administer the contract throughout the life of the project, ensuring all supporting efforts are accomplished as needed.

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