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Material & Disbursement Services (MSD)


Effective Date:  07/01/2001

Last Modified Date:  02/12/2004

Procedure Description

Repairs on equipment that is still under warranty and that must be returned to the vendor for service are handled through Purchasing Services.

Procedure Steps

  1. Contact the vendor for Return Material Authorization number (RMA #), if required, and shipping instructions.

  2. Prepare a Purchase Requisition for warranty service. Be sure to include the following information:
    • vendor's name and ship-to address
    • original Purchase Order number used when the equipment was bought
    • full description of the nature of the defect
    • RMA#, if required by vendor
    • special shipping instructions, if any
    • pick-up instructions (building, room, floor, and contact person)
    • value of the item being returned (for insurance purposes)

    Send the Requisition to Purchasing, CB #1100.

  3. Purchasing will prepare the needed paperwork and shipping labels for return and send it to Central Receiving, notifying them to pick up return items and ship to the vendor.

  4. When the repaired equipment is received from the vendor, Central Receiving will return it to the department. Any freight or service charges not paid by the vendor will be billed to the department by Central Receiving after the transaction is complete.

Additional Information

See also MSD Policy 53, Repair of In-Warranty Equipment

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