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Effective Date:  07/01/2001

Last Modified Date:  02/12/2004

Procedure Description

Service contracts are recommended for highly technical equipment, especially scientific apparatus. To obtain service covered by a service contract, call the manufacturer or service agent.

Service for equipment not under a service contract must be requested on a Purchase Requisition. If equipment needs emergency service, telephone Purchasing Services for approval to immediately call for service, then subsequently submit a confirming Purchase Requisition.

Requests for repair of out-of-warranty equipment that must be returned to the manufacturer or supplier for service are made on a Purchase Requisition. Purchasing creates a Purchase Order authorizing the repair and sends paperwork to Central Receiving requesting the return. Central Receiving will pick up and ship the item, charging the shipping expense to the requesting department. Incoming freight on the required item is either prepaid and added to the service bill, or charged collect, with Central Receiving Service paying the collect charges and billing the requesting department.

Equipment Covered by a Service Contract

If the equipment needing service is covered by a maintenance or service contract, call the manufacturer or service agent for service.

Equipment Not Covered by a Service Contract

Non-Emergency Service

To request non-emergency service, fill out a Purchase Requisition.  Follow the instructions printed on the back of the Purchase Requisition, providing the following information in the numbered blocks:

Submit the completed Purchase Requisition to Purchasing for approval and processing:

Emergency Service

Call Purchasing, which can, on occasion, assign a Purchase Order number to a service request and authorize the requesting department to contact the service agency before processing a Purchase Requisition.  You must then prepare a confirming Purchase Requisition for the service, including the information noted above for a non-emergency request.

Additional Information

See also MSD Policy 54, Repair of Out-of-Warranty Equipment.

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