October 27,1998
Number 1846

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Records Management Program
CB#3926, Wilson Library
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-8890
(919) 962-6402 FAX: (919) 962-6401
Date: November 3,1998
To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads
From:  Frank Holt, University Records Manager
Records Management Program
Re: Records Management

In an attempt to assure that all organizational units at UNC-CH are properly managing their public records, the Records Management Program is undergoing an extensive effort to identify all offices on campus that need to have a records retention and disposition schedule written for their offices.

All organizational units must follow an approved records retention and disposition schedule written for their organizational unit, before the destruction of public records is permitted. In North Carolina, the destruction of public records is regulated.

In the next couple of weeks, the Records Management Program will be contacting departments/programs within the University that does not currently have an approved records retention and disposition schedule written for their area. Administrators will be asked to appoint a Records Management Liaison from each organizational unit who will serve as the primary contact person with the Records Management Program staff in developing a records retention schedule for their area.

A copy of Chancellor Hooker's memorandum dated June 25, 1997 has been provided on the reverse side of this memorandum to show you his support and authorization to implement records management at Carolina.

If you have any questions regarding the scope or purpose of records management at UNC-CH, please contact the Records Management Program at 962-6402.

Reverse side: copy of Chancellor Hookers letter dated 6-25-97


Chancellor Hooker's letter supporting
records management at UNC-CH

Office of the Chancellor 
Michael Hook
June 25, 1997 103 South Building
Campus Box 9100
Chapel Hill NC 27599-9100
(919) 962-1365 FAX (919) 962-1647

To: Records Management Liaisons and Other UNC-CH 
Campus Administrators Receiving Copies of 
The Records Management Manual
FROM:  Michael Hooker

    The University Records Committee has worked for several 'years to develop a program of record-keeping that meets campus needs and complies with provisions of the State Records Act and other relevant state and federal legislation Records Management Manual, covered by this letter, is a significant step toward realization of this program. Compliance with the policies and procedures set forth in the Manual should improve the efficiency and economy of records Handling on this campus. The records retention/disposition schedules for campus offices are based upon the principles set forth in this Manual.

    I give wholehearted support to this effort and am pleased to extend the authorization for implementation of the policies and procedures published in this Manual as originally set forth by former Chancellor Hardin on January 4, 1995.

    Questions about the Manual or our records management program should be directed to Mr. H. Franklin Holt, University Records Manager (962- 6402) or Dr. Timothy R. Sanford, Chair of the University Records Committee.