Meeting Notes

February 14, 2005

527 Health Sciences Library


In Attendance:
Megan Bell
Ed Blocher

Robyn East
Libby Evans
Claudia Gallop
Vanessa Graber

Charlie Green
Bob Henshaw
Vicki Kolowitz
Wallace McClendon
Tim McMillan

Steve Melamut
Bobbi Owen
Jim Porto (Chair)
John Stewart
Kathy Thomas

Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions


Chair's Update

Item 1:Comments. Robyn East, ITS.

Robyn is the new Deputy CIO. She will be acting as the "chief operating office" of IT and will be a key figure in the University's future direction for information and instructional technology. We have invited her to meet FITAC members and to make a few comments on her vision for the campus.

  • Overseeing reorganization of ITS. Organizational development will be ongoing.
  • ITS advisory committees are meeting now. Still a number of questions about how those groups fit in with overall planning and operations. How will priorities be established? A more structured strategic planning process will be underway soon.
  • New building for core ITS services is still a couple of years away.

Item 2: Presentation. Bobbi Owen, PhD, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. Update on the re-accreditation effort.

"Student learning outcomes assessment" is a big topic for SACS now. It's no longer good enough to assume that technology facilitates teaching and learning -- SACS is looking to see how we measure actual learning outcomes that can be attributed to technology and use the results to guide our decision-making about technology use. Overview of UNC's reaccreditation plan.

Review committee comes to campus in Spring 2006. Looking at entire campus. Will come back in 5 years; quality enhancement initiatives need to last at least three years.

Looking at credentials of all instructors. Are backgrounds appropriate, consistent with discipline? Will make the case for several exceptions, but would like to avoid scrutiny after assessment.

Three areas we were found wanting during last review:

  • communications skills for students
  • how we train non-native English speakers to teach English speakers
  • technology skills for students

All re-accreditation materials will be paper-free, online.

Quality enhancement plan is now a requirement before SACS comes to campus. Theme is "Making Critical Connections". Focus on curricular innovation, more international experiences, and involving undergraduates in more research.

Increasing focus on value of educational experience. Success of for-profit organizations is part of what is driving need to demonstrate positive learning outcomes.

Have never really looked at programmatic, student learning outcomes. What do you want majors to accomplish? Assessment plans being approved and will be assessed beginning this spring.

Item 3: Update:Committee Meetings

Committee: Faculty Representatives

CIO Advisory Committee: Jim Porto
User Support and Communications: Steve Melamut and Tim McMillian
Update: Will begin prioritizing list of issues raised at first meeting.

Telecommunications: Bill Marzluff and Dave Potenziani
Research Computing: Lee Pedersen (Chem), Donna Gilleskie (Econ), Jennifer Conrad (Kenan-Flagler), Harvey Seim (Marine Sciences), Kirk Wilhelmsen (Neurology & Genetics), and Sarav Arunachalam.
Security and Institutional Compliance: Jim Porto
Teaching, Learning and Academic Computing: Abigail Panter (Psychology), Daniel Anderson (English), Vick Kowlowitz (School of Nursing)
Financial Planning and HR: Wallace Mclendon
Enterprise Applications and Data Management: Jim Porto
ITD Committee: Jim Porto
Update: Suggested that FITAC meet with IT directors. Jim will provide FITAC with list of IT directors, hope that IT directors can help faculty represenatives begin a dialogue on school-level technology committees.

Item 4:Update: Scholarly Communications. Wallace Mclendon and others.

The Convocation on Scholarly Communications in a Digital World was held 28 Feb 05. Wallace will give a brief summary of meeting and outline future actions.

  • Clifford Lynch keynote: Stop contributing scholarly work to prop up existing model.
  • But haven't publishers added value?
  • Wallace suggests spending some time with white papers at convocation.
  • Need to do more education among faculty about alternative publishing models.
  • Convocation planning commitee will cull survey results in to a report that includes several recommendations.
  • Wallace envisions resolutions to Faculty Council that state consensus (hopefully) on broad issues. After that, it will be up to Faculty Council to decide if additional work. Doesn't think we're there culturally on campus, as there are so many differences across departments.
  • Other institutions have expressed interest in the model for this convocation.

Item 5 Update: School FITACs

Jim Porto will continue the discussion on developing School FITACs (see update on ITD Committee).

Item 6: Discussion. Jim Porto. Possible Project. Skunk Works


Item 7: (Continuing Item) Possible Projects

Faculty outreach efforts:
· Survey of faculty to determine the level of IT use currently
· Increase faculty knowledge of IT through programs to introduce faculty to new technologies
Identify technological and pedagogical trends
· Work with TAP on instruction technology trends
· Assess what we know now on how people learn
· Forecast the pedagogy and IT infrastructure needs for the next 20 years
Review Continuity of Operations Plans
· Work with IDT and ATN to make sure that the University has adequate resources to continue educational and research operations in the face of disasters or major events
IT Budget Support
· Propose a Competitive Grant process to disseminate new technology.
· Advocate for a faculty input into determining IT resource needs.

Item 8: Announcements. Open.


Item 9:Project Status Updates

  • Role of FITAC in TAP mission
  • How to engage more faculty and how to judge faculty sentiment on IT issues.
  • Faculty IT resource page

Item 10:Future Agenda Item

1. Calendar Function
2. Faculty Technology Tours
3. Status of IT COOP plans

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 24 at 11:30am, 214 Davis Library

Agenda: TBA



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