Meeting Notes

February 24, 2005

214 Davis Library


In Attendance:
Libby Evans
Claudia Gallop
Ladnor Geissinger
Tracy Heeman

Bob Henshaw
Vicki Kolowitz
Lori Mathis
Wallace McClendon

Steve Melamut

Iola Peed-Neal
Jim Porto (Chair)
Dave Potenziani
Dianne Strauss
Kathy Thomas
Carol Tresolini

Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions


Chair's Update

Item 1: Presentation. Lori Mathis. Developments with the Instructional Technology Working Group will update FITAC on directions, initiatives that the Working Group is considering.

Began with survey of support counterparts in academic units across campus. Developed a top ten list of most desired instructional software needs. Have to decided to focus initially on examining software that facilitates the development of interactive, self-paced learning modules. More on the background and goals of the Instructional Technology Working Group included in Lori's Powerpoint handout.


Any formal relationship between this group and more formal advisory groups, TAPS, Multimedia Working Group? None right now, but need to make sure there is cross-communication or representation.

How will faculty feedback be solicited? Critical component, but have not decided how/when to include them. Areas of interest may be too vague at this time.

Item 2: Update:Committee Meetings. Guest faculty: Dave Potenziani.

Committee: Faculty Representatives

CIO Advisory Committee: Jim Porto
Report: None

User Support and Communications: Steve Melamut, Tim McMillian
Telecommunications: Bill Marzluff, Dave Potenziani
Report: Dave Potenziani. Still very much in infancy. Focus on networks, their availability, performance, support for new applications, etc. Voice over IP is an example of a project that is already getting attention. Will also help inform strategic planning process for IT and University. This committee is in part a response to concerns raised by ITD Committee last year about network reliability, off-campus access to network-based services on campus.
Research Computing: Lee Pedersen (Chem), Donna Gilleskie (Econ), Jennifer Conrad (Kenan-Flagler), Harvey Seim (Marine Sciences), Kirk Wilhelmsen (Neurology & Genetics), and Sarav Arunachalam.
Security and Institutional Compliance: Jim Porto
Report: None
Teaching, Learning and Academic Computing: Abigail Panter (Psychology), Daniel Anderson (English), Vick Kowlowitz (School of Nursing)
Report: Meeting for the second time tomorrow, will update next FITAC meeting.
Financial Planning and HR: Wallace Mclendon
Report: HANDOUT. Committee will be considering fee structures, may impact faculty and services.
Enterprise Applications and Data Management: Jim Porto
Report: None
ITD Committee: Jim Porto
Report: None

Item 3: David Potenziani briefed the Committee on the IT organization he directs at the School of Public Health.

School of Public Health has continued to grow IT services while state budget support has declined. Business model is now more fee-based. Much of it linked to state and federal service/research grants support. For example, CDC skills tracking network. It's a different model than most other IT units use.

Item 4: Nominations for New Committee Members. Annual Report

Draft of FITAC's 2005 Annual Report to the Faculty Council to be posted later in the week.

Item 5: Update on School FITACs. Jim Porto will continue the discussion on developing School FITACs and coordination with ITDs.
We need to pick a time for joint meeting with ITDs. Would take place at 8:30am on Tuesday, April 5, and substitute for March 31 FITAC meeting.

Item 6: Discussion. Jim Porto. Possible Project. Skunk Works

Faculty/student group that had resources that could experiment with technology and various applications. An incubator of sorts that could be used to tap the talents and creativity of faculty and students on campus. Course setting? Office of Undergraduate Research offers salary supplement for research-based courses for undergraduates. Corporate support might be another option to explore. May tie in with Dan Reed's interest in interdisciplinary technology-based solutions.

Item 7: (Continuing Item) Possible Projects

Faculty outreach efforts:
· Survey of faculty to determine the level of IT use currently
· Increase faculty knowledge of IT through programs to introduce faculty to new technologies
Identify technological and pedagogical trends
· Work with TAP on instruction technology trends
· Assess what we know now on how people learn
· Forecast the pedagogy and IT infrastructure needs for the next 20 years
Review Continuity of Operations Plans
· Work with IDT and ATN to make sure that the University has adequate resources to continue educational and research operations in the face of disasters or major events
IT Budget Support
· Propose a Competitive Grant process to disseminate new technology.
· Advocate for a faculty input into determining IT resource needs.

Item 8: Announcements. Open.

Item 9:Project Status Updates

  • Role of FITAC in TAP mission
  • How to engage more faculty and how to judge faculty sentiment on IT issues.
  • Faculty IT resource page

Item 10:Future Agenda Items.

1. Calendar Function
2. Faculty Technology Tours
3. Status of IT COOP plans

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 31 at 11:30am, 214 Davis Library

Agenda: TBA

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