To Graduate Students and Prospective Graduate Students

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is one of the leading graduate research universities in the United States. As one of the most comprehensive universities in the nation, Carolina provides a breadth of study and interdisciplinary experience matched by few institutions. More than 80 graduate programs, including both doctoral-level and master's-level training, are currently active in The Graduate School.

This catalog provides basic information about these programs. It includes our admission standards and requirements, tuition and other costs, sources of financial aid (including fellowships), information concerning research institutes and centers, and brief descriptions of programs and courses. In addition, you will find under each program description a listing of all graduate faculty in that area together with their specific research interests. Please visit The Graduate School Web site,, for further information on many of these topics.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill believes that academic excellence is enhanced by the maintenance of a community that includes people from a wide range of ethnic, racial, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds, as well as individuals whose personal attributes will contribute to a richer learning environment. The University is committed to equality of educational opportunity.

In addition to our outstanding faculty, our comprehensive research and library resources, and our exceptional facilities, the University has a warm and collegial spirit that is conducive to personal growth and scholarship.

By attending this institution you are becoming an important part of a 200-year-long tradition of excellence in scholarship, research, teaching, and public service. We hope that your time here is fruitful, challenging, and rewarding.

– The Graduate School