The UNC System: UNC–Chapel Hill
Administrative Officers

Office of the Chancellor

Carol L. Folt, Ph.D., Chancellor

Debbie Dibbert, Chief of Staff

Dwayne Pinkney, Ph.D., Secretary of the University

Office of the Provost

James W. Dean Jr., Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Ronald B. Strauss, Ph.D., Executive Vice Provost and Chief International Officer

Carol Tresolini, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Academic Initiatives

Stephen M. Farmer, M.A., Vice Provost, Enrollment and Undergraduate Admissions

Dwayne Pinkney, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Finance and Academic Planning

Shirley A. Ort, J.D., Associate Provost and Director, Scholarships and Student Aid

Sarah Michalak, M.L.S., Associate Provost and University Librarian

Christopher Derickson, M.A., Assistant Provost and University Registrar

College of Arts and Sciences

Karen Gil, Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Tammy McHale, M.B.A., Senior Associate Dean, Finance and Planning

Terry Ellen Rhodes, D.M.A., Senior Associate Dean, Fine Arts and Humanities

Kevin Guskiewicz, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Jonathan Hartlyn, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, Social Sciences and Global Programs

Abigail T. Panter, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Robert J. Parker Jr., Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, Development

Office of Undergraduate Education

Abigail T. Panter, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Lee May, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Director, Academic Advising Program

James L. Leloudis, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Carolina Honors; Director, James M. Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence

Harold Woodard, M.A., Associate Dean and Director, Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling

James Thompson, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Undergraduate Curricula

Drew S. Coleman, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, First-Year Seminars and Academic Experiences

School Deans

Douglas A. Shackelford, Ph.D., Dean, Kenan–Flagler Business School

Jane A. Weintraub, D.D.S., M.P.H., Dean, School of Dentistry

G. Williamson McDiarmid, Ph.D., Dean, School of Education

Michael R. Smith, J.D., Dean, School of Government

Steven W. Matson, Ph.D., Dean, The Graduate School

Gary Marchionini, Ph.D., Dean, School of Information and Library Science

Susan Robinson King, M.A., Dean, School of Media and Journalism

Martin L. Brinkley, J.D., Dean, School of Law

William L. Roper, M.D., Dean, School of Medicine; Vice Chancellor, Medical Affairs; CEO, UNC Health Care System

Donna S. Havens, Ph.D., Interim Dean, School of Nursing

Robert Blouin, Pharm.D., Dean, Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Barbara K. Rimer, Dr.P.H., Dean, Gillings School of Global Public Health

Jack M. Richman, Ph.D., Dean, School of Social Work

Jan J. Yopp, M.A., Dean, Summer School

Robert Gray Bruce Jr., Ph.D., Director, The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education

Finance and Administration

Matthew M. Fajack, B.S., Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration

Meredith Weiss, Ph.D., Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Bruce L. Runberg, M.S. Civil Eng., M.S. Mgmt., Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services

Kevin Seitz, M.B.A., Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance

Gordon Merklein, M.C.R.P., Executive Director, Real Estate Development

Human Resources

Felicia A. Washington, J.D., Vice Chancellor, Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement

Taffye Benson Clayton, Ed.D., Vice Provost, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Gena Carter, B.S., Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Information Technology Services

Chris Kielt, M.A., Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer

Medical Affairs

William Roper, M.D., Vice Chancellor, Medical Affairs; CEO, UNC Health Care System; Dean, School of Medicine


Barbara Entwisle, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor, Research

Kim Brownley, Ph.D., Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Research

Robin L. Cyr, Associate Vice Chancellor, Research; Director, Office of Sponsored Research

Don Hobart, J.D., Associate Vice Chancellor, Research, Federal Affairs, Research Communications

Eliana Perrin, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor, Research; Director, Office of Research Development

Student Affairs

Winston B. Crisp, J.D., Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Christopher Payne, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs; Senior Operating Officer

Bettina Shuford, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Jonathan Sauls, J.D., Dean of Students

University Development

David Routh, B.S., Vice Chancellor, University Development

Cynthia Butler, B.A., Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, University Development

Communications and Public Affairs

Joel D. Curran, B.A., Vice Chancellor, Communications and Public Affairs

Richard White, B.A., Associate Vice Chancellor, Communications and Public Affairs

University Counsel

David M. Parker, J.D., Interim Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

Patricia C. Crawford, J.D., Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy General Counsel


Lawrence R. "Bubba" Cunningham, M.B.A., Director, Athletics