The Honors Seminar in Economics

Economics 98/99 at UNC-Chapel Hill

The Honors Seminar in Economics is a two-semester sequence of courses open to seniors who have demonstrated their abilities both generally in university coursework and specifically in Economics courses.

During the academic year, the participants in this course will not only engage in discussion of current economic events and controversies, but will also prepare their senior theses. At the conclusion of the spring semester they will graduate with honors or highest honors from UNC.

This page serves three purposes. First, the students (and other interested parties) can find the syllabus for the course as well as reference materials for classroom use. Second, each student has a home page linked to this page on which the student's research area of interest is listed and progress in that research is documented. There will be little content to these pages at the beginning of the fall semester, but by the end of the spring semester the home pages will be the repositories of completed theses and supporting documentation. Third, there is a bulletin board on which updates on assignments and readings for the class are posted.

There is also a linked Greatest Hits message board where I will post electronic mail correspondence that may be of interest to the entire class.

The instructor for Economics 98/99 is Patrick Conway. He has been a faculty member in the Economics Department at UNC for 12 years, and is a specialist in the economics of developing countries.

Conway provides an example of the organization of a research page in the linked document outlining his current research on cash shortages in transition economies.

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