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Zig ZagThe Surprising Path to Greater Creativity
"Exceptional creators often zigzag through all eight steps, in varying order, every day. That’s part of the secret...Each step feeds the other seven."
Zig Zag Creativity Cards

Zig Zag Creativity Cards
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Zig Zag in Action

Every creative success is the result of zigs and zags:

Twitter. Twitter started as an audio podcasting company called Odeo. When Apple introduced podcasting into iTunes in 2005, there was no longer any need for Odeo, and the company had to change fast.

Groupon. Groupon started by organizing political movements (as the campaign website, which still exists).

YouTube. YouTube started as a video dating site called Tune In Hook Up.

Chegg. In 2003, provided free classified ads for college students. Chegg gradually zigzagged from classified ads to textbook rentals. Today, Chegg rents over 1 million books a year and has 150 employees.

Click on "Case Study " to read the creative story behind Instagram, and why I call these shifts zigzags instead of the more popular term, pivots.