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Zig ZagThe Surprising Path to Greater Creativity
"This book is your personal trainer, coaching you through the eight steps of creativity."
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Zig Zag Creativity Cards
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The Book

We all have what it takes to be creative. All of us possess the same mental building blocks that the most exceptional creators have. That creative power you find so breathtaking, when you see it tapped by others, lives just as surely within you. So how can you tap into that power and realize your creative potential?

In fact, the journey’s pretty simple: just follow Zig Zag’s eight step model for greater creativity. Once those steps become second nature to you, creativity won’t seem rare and magical and daunting. You’ll stop being scared of writer’s block or stupid ideas or a blank canvas or a new challenge, and your creative power will be flexible, versatile, and available in unlimited supply. All you have to do is learn how to tap it.

Zig Zag is your personal trainer, coaching you through the eight steps of creativity. These eight steps aren’t the exclusive property of exceptional individuals; we all have these abilities. And the latest research in psychology, education, and neuroscience shows that they can, without a doubt, be practiced and strengthened.

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