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2015 Honorary Nominations are now being accepted.


The Order of the Golden Fleece. Founded in 1904, the Order of the Golden Fleece is the University's oldest and highest honorary society. Those eligible for selection must possess exemplary character and include juniors, seniors and graduate students who have made a significant, lasting contribution to the University, and others who have made a significant contribution to undergraduate student life.

For more information, contact: Andrew Henry Powell, sbp [at] unc [dot] edu
Nomination Deadline: 31-January-2015
Nomination Form: Online

The Order of the Grail-Valkyries -- Founded in 1920 and 1941. Recognizes students and faculty of outstanding character who have made significant contributions to our university's academic climate through excellence in scholarship, dynamic leadership, and innovative service. Applications must specifically discuss the nominee's contributions to the University's academic and/or intellectual climate.

For more information, contact: Roderick Gladney, rodeglad [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
Nomination Deadline: 31-January-2015
Nomination Form: Online

The Order of the Old Well -- Founded in or before 1949. Recognizes students and faculty members of high character who have demonstrated outstanding humanitarian service and whose service has gone uncompensated and unrewarded.

The Order of the Old Well welcomes self-nominations

For more information, contact: Omar Kashef, kashef [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
Nomination Deadline: 31-January-2015
Nomination Form: Online

The Frank Porter Graham Honor Society --Founded in 1990. Recognizes outstanding service provided to the University and community by graduate and professional students enrolled at UNC. Further, it recognizes the contributions of faculty, staff, and friends of UNC who have made significant contributions to the development of graduate and professional education at the University.

For more information, contact: Kiran Bhardwaj, kbhardwa [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
or Taylor Livingston, taliving [at] live [dot] unc [dot] edu
Nomination Deadline: 28-February-2015
Nomination Form: Online


The Chancellor's Awards. The Chancellor's Awards Committee seeks to foster appreciation for excellence in academic work and student activities at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It seeks to identify areas in which achievement is not but should be recognized, and seeks to reward superior achievement in an annual ceremony at which the University community celebrates its outstanding student accomplishments.

Note: The Chancellor's Awards Committee maintains a separate nomination process, and is not a part of the nomination process for the honor societies listed above.

For more information, contact: Tammy Lambert, lambert2 [at] email [dot] unc [dot] edu

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