2012 ADCIRC Boot Camp

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The 2012 ADCIRC Boot Camp will be held 25-27 April 2012 in downtown Silver Spring in a private venue two blocks from the NOAA facility. As a result of our choice of location, there are no security restrictions or extra paperwork for international participants in the Boot Camp.

The ADCIRC Boot Camp content includes SMS as well as ADCIRC training; Alan Zundel of Aquaveo will conduct SMS training and Jason Fleming of Seahorse Coastal Consulting will conduct ADCIRC training.

The Boot Camp content and format are designed to be useful for newcomers to ADCIRC, and provide a forced march of knowledge transfer (hence the term "boot camp"). The purpose is to welcome new users to the ADCIRC Community by getting them up to speed quickly.

The Boot Camp presentations are also useful for more experienced users, because we can provide the underlying rationale behind various features, as well as highlighting time-saving tips and tricks that are available but perhaps not emphasized in the documentation.

For SMS from Alan Zundel of Aquaveo:

The modeling process within SMS (overview) Background data (images, surveys/LIDAR/DEM) Conceptual model (vector coastline databases, features, GIS) Mesh generation for ADCIRC Mesh editing ADCIRC parameter specification The above to include a mix of lecture, demo, and hands-on.

For ADCIRC from Jason Fleming of Seahorse Coastal Consulting:

Comprehensive coverage of ADCIRC's fort.15 (control) file, line-by-line Nodal attributes file (fort.13) Output files, including hotstart files Use of parametric wind models for tropical cyclones Discussion of boundaries and boundary conditions, including tidal B.C.s and levee B.C.s The above to include a mix of lecture, demo, and hands-on

ADCIRC Boot Camp 2012 Fees for the three day event (total):

Please see the registration website link for full details and be sure to let any other colleagues who may be interested know about the ADCIRC Boot Camp.

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