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Input File Descriptions

Grid and Boundary Information File (fort.14) - required

Model Parameter and Periodic Boundary Condition File (fort.15) - required

Passive Scalar Transport Input File (fort.10) - conditional

Density Initial Condition Input File (fort.11) conditional

Nodal Attributes File (fort.13) conditional

Non-periodic Elevation Boundary Condition File (fort.19) - conditional

Non-periodic, Normal Flux Boundary Condition File (fort.20) - conditional

Single File Meteorological Forcing Input (fort.22) - conditional

Multiple File Meterological Forcing Input (fort.200,..) - conditional

Wave Radiation Stress Forcing File (fort.23) - conditional

Self Attraction/Earth Load Tide Forcing File (fort.24) - conditional

2DDI Hot Start Files (fort.67 or fort.68) conditional

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