Version History

The following is a brief summary of the ADCIRC development history.


v48.4643 - 10/12/09 - rjw

commented out call to MassBal3D until future debugging performed MASSBAL3d is a tool for 3D version testing and does not contribute to the solution.

v48.4642 - 09/18/09 - jgf

Changed syntax for correcting NOFF in write_output.F, since g95 choked on the original syntax.

Also fixed several bugs related to writing output (particularly hotstart output) to subdomain files during parallel execution.

v48.4641 - 09/09/09 - jgf

Fixed a potential issue in globalio.F where the fortran intrinsic function 'size' was used as a variable name in several older subroutines; replaced these instances with the variable name 'size_this'.

v48.4640 - 09/04/09 - rjw

Changed aswip to persist if a zero valued for the central pressure is given

v48.4639 - 09/02/09 jgf

Added feature that will read in min/max files on a hotstart to preserve the full record of min and max values; set NWS8 to choke if Rmax or Cp are set to zero on any line of fort.22, including OFCL ("forecast").

v48.4638 - 09/02/09 tcm

Fixed a bug in writing hot start values for NOFF which could have the wrong values after globalizing because there are no rules for which processor owns an element and Noff is an elemental value. The way around is to take the minimum of (Noff, 1) as NOFF is supposed to be either 0 or 1.

v48.4637 - 08/31/09 rjw

Fixed out of bounds array in aswip

v48.4636 - 08/24/09 rjw

Fixed Bug in NWS 19 code (first lon properly converted)

v48.4635 - 08/14/09 tcm

Fixed bug in call to neighb within read_input updated the adcirc makefiles for a pc

v48.4634 - 08/13/09 - tcm

Fixed bug in globalio where multiple variables where repeated in use module line.

v48.4633 - 08/05/09 - rjw

Fixed Bug in translation direction in ASWIP output

v48.4632 - 08/05/09 rjw

Fixed formatting error in ASWIP output to make it compatible with wind.F and should still be compatible with utilities that parse ATCF output.

v48.4631 - 07/30/09 - rjw

Modified aswip set background pressure to hardwired value of 1013

v48.4630 - 07/28/09 - jgf

Modified aswip output to include commas to make it compatible with utilities that parse ATCF output.

C v48.4629 - 07/28/09 rjw

Added storm speed(kts) and direction(degrees) information to aswip.F output fort.22 file and the translation velocities (U and V) are now computed from the speed and direction that is read in from the new fort.22 file into NWS19 code

v48.4628 - 07/27/09 - jgf

Extended METONLY capability to cases where 3D or harmonic output is requested, as well as the case where execution begins as a hotstart.

v48.4627 - 07/27/09 jgf

Created METONLY logical variable: if only met output is requested, ADCIRC will skip solution of the GWCE and the momentum equations.

v48.4626 - 07/27/09 - jgf

fixed bug in presizes.F if fort.15 file is not found.

v48.4625 - 07/22/09 rjw

fixed bugs in NWS19 code in wind.F and aswip.F

v48.4624 - 07/22/09 rjw

fixed bugs in NWS19 code in wind.F and aswip.F

v48.4623 - 07/22/09 - rjw

fixed confusing lines and file names in ASymmetric WInd Preprocessing (ASWIP) program

v48.4622 - 07/22/09 - rjw

Added NWS=19 Asymmetric Holland v2.0 to src/ files

v48.4621 - 07/22/09 - rjw

Added NWS=19 Asymmetric Holland v2.0 to prep/ files

v48.4620 - 07/21/09 - jgf

Modified makefile so that aswip executable may be built with 'make aswip'.

v48.4619 - 07/21/09

jgf - Fixed inclusion of MNMPROC in write_output.F; merged lumped/explicit mode from Seizo Tanaka;

rjw - merged aswip.F to generate metadata for asymmetric vortex model.

v48.4618 -07/10/09 - tcm

Fixed bug in writing out global elevation values using -99999.0 that exists in serial version

Also added 3 fields to the OutputDataDescript_t type

v48.4617 -06/19/09 - jgf

Made numeric constants in NWS8 double precision; in NWS9 sub added initialization of told and changed time.eq.time2 to

v48.4616 -06/18/09 - rjw

Modified the NWS=8 Holland wind to fix bug in translational velocity to account for direction.

v48.4615 -06/02/09 - rjw

Removed erroneous call to COMPUTE_RESELEM from read_input.F.

v48.4614 - 05/27/09 - mcf

Fixed implementation of Rick Luettich V/Vmax tapering formulation (as in NWS=8) for future experimentation - not activated

v48.4613 - 05/27/09 - jgf

Commented out debug lines in write_output.F and globalio.F that were filling up fort.16.

v48.4612 - 05/26/09 - rjw

Fix format statement in postprocess for 3D.

v48.4611 - 05/22/09 - mcf

Reverted damping of translational velocity back to the original formulation

v48.4610 - 05/22/09 - jgf

Changed air density back to 0.001293 in stress calc for NWS8 and NWS9 in timestep.F.

v48.4609 - 05/21/09 - mcf

Fixed seg-fault when writing netcdf hotstart files, incorporated fix in the define portion of netcdfio for grids with no specified boundary forcing segments or nodes

v48.4608 - 05/19/09 - mcf

Implemented an old bug fix: units conversion in asymmetric wind code (NWS=9)

v48.4607 - 05/18/09 - jgf

Fixes to get adcprep and adcirc to compile and link with netCDF on Jade (Cray-XT4) at ERDC.

v48.4606 - 05/13/09 - rjw

modify makefile to compile adcprep using version.F

v48.4605 - 05/12/09 rjw

modify asymmetric code to use damping of translational velocity based on ratio of V:Vmax (pass Vmax from wind.F into vortex.F subroutine uvp), and set (in vortex.F) velocities at center of vortex (dist < 1m) to zero.

v48.4604 - 05/08/09 - jgf

Fixed typo in version.F

v48.4603 - 05/08/09 rjw

updated the distance calculation formula in Holland Model (NWS=8) to more accuarately calculate distance along a shpere, and modified the coriolis formula to compute a spatially varying coriolis term also for the Symmetric Holland model (NWS=8)

v48.4602 - 05/08/09 - jgf

Changed air density for symmetric and asymmetric vortex models (NWS=8 and 9) to 1.15 kg/m^3, for Holland B calculation as well as conversion to wind stress. Changed asymmetric far field wind damping so that only the translation velocity is damped.

v48.4601 - 05/01/09 - jgf

Fixed improperly located check for netcdfio support in presizes.F; removed FileFmt etc from USE PRE_GLOBAL in prep.F (now uses VERSION instead). Merged prep.F from v48.48 (trunk r161) b/c it has fastprep13.

v48.46 - 02/26/09 - jgf

Corrected backloaded tau0 averaging formula: now just one time level.

v48.45 - 02/26/09 - jgf

Fixed backloaded tau0 formula by removing an extra alpha factor from tau0(t-3) term.

v48.44 - 02/02/09 - mcf

fixed time unlimited index and time variable in the output file for hotstart cases in netcdfio module

v48.43 - 01/29/09 - rjw

modified fixes to massbal.F (check for ICS status) and vsmy.F (initialized turbulent length scale to lmin= 0.001 in cstart.F (COLDSTART_3D)) and reformatted declaration statements in global_3dvs.F.

v48.42 - 01/28/09 jgf

Added two new time averaging options for tau0 ... activated by tau0=-6.x or 7.x in fort.15.

v48.41 - 12/11/08 rjw

fix massbal.F COMPUTE_RESELEM subroutine. In order to compare the global to local locations Global x and y need to be in converted units not in Lat and Lon use subroutine CPP to make conversion

v48.40 - 12/11/08 - rjw

fix version number in version.F

v48.39 - 12/11/08 - rjw

applied bug fixes in cstart.F and hstart.F format statement, changed default il value to 2 in vsmy.F

v48.38 - 12/10/08 - jgf

Added #ifdef HAVE_MPI_MOD around mpif.h in massbal.F to fix failed compile on Cray-XT3 (sapphire).

v48.37 - 12/10/08 - mcf

modified netcdfio metadata

v48.36 - 12/03/08 - jgf

Fixed a bug in PREP22 of adcprep, combined CASE(3,6) into CASE(8,9) b/c the approach of using the shell to copy files in CASE(3,6) had been commented out.

v48.35 - 12/03/08 - jgf

Fixed a bug in adcprep that was causing unprintable characters to appear in the names of subdomain fort.22 files on the IBM p5 platform.

v48.34 - 12/02/08 - jgf

Fixed a bug in adcprep to look for tau0min and tau0max values in fort.15 if tau0 is less than -5.0 AND greater than -6.0.

v48.33 - 11/25/08 - jgf

Added a check for negative central pressure deficit in Symmetric Holland code (NWS=8). Also fixed a bug introduced in the merge of Seizo's fix to internal barrier boundary handling in v48.32. Reimplemented tau0base formulation when TAU0=-3.0, moved fulldomain time varying TAU0 option to TAU0=-5.0 ... if tau0 output is desired, the corresponding options are -3.1 or -5.1.

v48.32 - 09/16/08 jgf

Merged fix from C.Mattocks to include directives in metis, e.g., <metis.h> to "metis.h".

Fixed HollandGet so that lat is read in as four digits, thus allowing storm locations west of 99.9W lon;

integrated Seizo fixes to decomp.F (mpi communication table) and in timestep.F (wet/dry checks along internal barriers).

v48.31 - 09/16/08 - mcf

added hotstart file format identifiers in from version.F, modified netCDF metadata, added time counters and record numbers for hotstart files, fixed netCDF hotstart flow for preprocessor, adcirc and padcirc.

v48.30 - 08/29/08 - rjw

merged CD's mods for 3D wetting and Drying

v48.29 - 08/07/08 - mcf

modified starting character counter in parser

v48.28 - 08/01/08 mcf

included File Format Version parameters in netCDF hotstart files and changed FileFmtMinor to 2 to account for the removal of an extra empty record in hotstart files

v48.27 - 07/30/08 - mcf

corrected dt when writing initializing netCDF hotstart files in prep.F

v48.26 - 07/30/08 - mcf

corrected noff range value when writing netCDF hotstart files (range 0 to 1)

v48.25 - 07/30/08 - mcf

corrected memory/compiling/running issues with arrays in the binary and netCDF hotstart capability

v48.24 - 07/25/08 - mcf

Added code in the hstart.F file to check if hotstart binary file exists in subdomains for netcdf hotstart input file option when running the parallel version.

v48.23 - 07/25/07 - jgf

Fixed hotstart file incrementation in write_output.F, prep.F, hstart.F and harm.F. Updated hot2asc.F utility with fixed file incrementation. Restored machdep.F.

Updated for apple darwin (removed -DIBM).

v48.22 - 07/24/07 - jgf

Fixed hotstart file incrementation in write_output.F and hstart.F.

v48.21 - 07/24/08 - mcf

Added code in the hstart.F file to only read netCDF hotstart files when funning the serial version.

v48.20 - 07/24/08 - mcf

Added code in the preprocessor to initialize netCDF hotstart files.

v48.19 - 07/22/08 - mcf

Added code to assign the globalized hotstart variables to netCDF variables only in processor 0.

v48.18 - 07/09/08 - mcf

Added code to adcprep and adcirc to initialize and write netCDF hotstart files.

v48.17 - 06/09/08 jgf

Added code to adcprep to decompose UnSWAN boundaries and distribute the UnSWAN input file to each of the subdomain directories.

v48.16 - 06/05/08 - jgf

Merged additional changes from cf's latest (from adc48_15_4).

v48.11 - 03/14/08 - jgf

Added cf's latest write_output.F, corrected Chezy conversion to quadratic in nodalattr.F, added info messages to and makefile, corrected issues to allow use of g95 compiler.

v48.10 - 03/13/08 - jgf

Added cf's latest prep.F, read_global.F, global.F, and netcdfio.F to enable boundaries and station names in the metadata and to fix bugs.

v48.09 - 02/25/08 - jgf

Added cf's latest netcdfio.F and write_output.F and synchronized arguments. Also added ibtypenc variable (and allocation).

Fixed bug in makefile that prevented compilation of adcprep without netcdf.

v48.08 - 02/19/08 - jgf

Removed trailing space from "pgi " in Removed p15 and other utilities from 'all' target in makefile.

Corrected bug in FEGRIDS sub in vsmy.F where variables were declared as REAL rather than REAL(SZ).

Also made all constants into doubles in FEGRIDS sub.

In lsq.F, changed rinv to intent(inout) on line 538 to relieve compiler issue on certain platforms.

Added PREPNETCDF subroutine to adcprep to initialize netcdf output files for parallel runs.

Updated makefile to reflect the linking of the netcdf module with adcprep.

v48.07 - 02/07/08 jgf

Merged changes from mcf for netCDF.

v48.04 - 11/19/07 jgf

Fixed bug that was preventing NetCDF metadata from being written to subdomains.

Added ABS() to station mappings when reading the fort.80 file in adcpost.

Added inverted barometer boundary condition (commented out pending successful testing).

v48.03 - 10/19/07 - jgf

Created write_output.F, rearranged NetCDF to use globalio.

Merged kmd's 3D hotstart decomposition in prep.F.

v48.02 - 10/04/07 - jgf

Fixed bug in UPDATEC3D in messenger.F.

v48.01 - 10/03/07 - jgf

Changed CrayXT3 and PGI compiler flags (-c89 and -Mextend).

Fixed bug that caused the min and max variable tau0 to be read even if not needed.

Fixed bug in post52 that was writing NSTAE instead of NSTAV.

Fixed missing comma in FORMAT statement in globalio.F.

Fixed missing right paren in timestep.F.

v48.00 - 10/02/07 - jgf

Added ONLY keyword to USE NETCDF in timestep.F to enable it to compile without conflicts.



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