Coastal Fisheries

Oceanography & Ecology Laboratory


Text Box: We conduct basic and applied research emphasizing: 

Connectivity of marine populations and ecosystems (including how habitat availability and utilization in patchy coastal environments affects population dynamics); and 
Trophic interactions involving bivalves and fishes in estuarine communities. 

Both of these are directly related to the maintenance of coastal ecosystems, and provide key data for management strategies of nearshore fisheries. While these themes generally define our work, the ecological systems can vary greatly, and include the benthic environments of continental shelves, exposed coastlines, rocky intertidal shorelines and estuaries, (seagrass meadows, oyster reefs, salt marshes, and mud flats).

Additionally, we have conducted experiments related to recruitment processes and mechanisms, as well as oyster reef restoration ecology. Research tools have included manipulative field experiments, intensive field surveys, historical reconstructions, GIS simulations, ROVs, stable isotope analyses, population projection matrix models, geochemical tagging, and acoustic tagging.

Contact Us:

F. Joel Fodrie (PI)

Institute of Marine Sciences

3431 Arendell Street

Morehead City, NC 28557

Telephone: 252 726 6841 e149