FERRYMON: Contacts

In an effort to reach out to schools, museums, and the general public we have assembled this list of educational resources:

FerryMon brochure (pdf)

18" x 24" FerryMon poster (pdf)

7.5" x 10" FerryMon poster (pdf)

Chlorophyll a, Salinity, and Temperature Classroom Worksheet (pdf)

How FerryMon and Modmon are being used to monitor the health of the Neuse River Estuary: Documenting the cause of a fish kill on the Neuse River Estuary.

Follow the steps below to view the FerryMon ferry routes using Google Earth:

1. Download this file to your computer: FerryMon.kmz
2. Open this file using Google Earth. (Google Earth is available for download here: http://earth.google.com/ )
3. When the file opens up in Google Earth, click the "Play Tour" icon in the lower right corner of the "Places" window to take a virtual tour of the ferry routes.

::: Relevant Links :::

UNC-CH Institute of Marine Sciences

Hans Paerl's Lab

NCDOT Ferry Division

NC Coastal Recreational Fishing License Program