Person Hall

A building with its roots in the University’s beginnings, Person Hall now contains some offices for Department of Music faculty, a recital hall, and practice areas for music students. A university chapel for religious services was essential in Carolina’s early days, and Person Hall served that function for four decades. The original structure was a small plain brick rectangle at the east end of the now three-part building. It was named for General Thomas Person, an original University trustee and donor of $1,050 “in shining silver dollars” that enabled the University to complete construction on the structure. Person Hall’s east wing was completed in 1797, a central portion was added in 1886, and the west wing was built in 1892. After Gerrard Hall opened in 1837, Person Hall was used for classrooms, then enlarged in 1886 to house the chemistry lab. The west wing added in 1892 was also for chemistry. The last addition was paid for out of the Mary Ann Smith bequest that also funded the University’s first professorship endowment (in chemistry, still granted). Chemistry moved to its own building, now known as Howell Hall, in 1906, and the School of Medicine took over Person Hall until 1912, when it moved to Caldwell Hall and Pharmacy moved in. Person Hall later served as an art gallery, storage space for the Old Book Exchange, a shop for Playmakers, and the home of the archaeology labs.