Levels of Questions with Bloom's Taxonomy

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Click a level of the pyramid to see questions and question prompts about the photograph that are appropriate to that level of thinking.

Level 1. Knowledge

Question cues: List, define, tell, label

Level 2. Comprehension

Question cues: Describe, name, identify, discuss

Level 3. Application

Question cues: Modify, solve, change, explain

Level 4. Analysis

Question cues: Analyze, separate, compare, contrast

Level 5. Synthesis

Question cues: Create, construct, plan, role-play

Level 6. Evaluation

Question cues: Give opinion, criticize, discriminate, summarize

Photo Credits

The photograph "Coal Breaker Boys" was taken in Kingston, Pennsylvania, between 1890 and 1910. It is available in the American Memory Collection Touring Turn-of-the-Century America: Photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company, 1880-1920, from the Library of Congress.