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I am a Professor of Mathematics


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My research interests:

I am a member of the AMS, SIAM and IMACS


  1. Schwarz-Christoffel mapping of multiply connected domains, Journal d`Analyse(with T.K. DeLillo and A.R. Elcrat), accepted June 2003. PDF
  2. Schwarz-Christoffel mapping of the annulus, SIAM Review, 43, No. 3 (2001), 469-477 (with T.K. DeLillo and A.R. Elcrat)  PostScript
  3. Norm order and geometric properties of holomorphic mappings in C^n Journal D'Analyse Mathematique, 82 (2000), 285-313. (with T.J. Suffridge). PostScript
  4. Hyperbolic capacity and its distortion under conformal mapping, Journal D'Analyse Mathematique, 78 (1999), 205-218. (with P.L. Duren). PostScript

Selected Publications:

  1. Linear invariance, order and convex maps in C^n (with T. J. Suffridge), Complex Variables. 40 (2000), 35-50.
  2. An extension theorem and linear invariant families generated by starlike maps (with T. J. Suffridge), Ann. Univ Mariae Curie-Skl. 53 (1999), 193-207.
  3. Distortion of locally biholomorphic maps of the n-ball, Complex Variables Theory Appl. 33 (1997), 239-253.
  4. Numerical conformal mapping methods based on Faber series, (with T.K. DeLillo and A.R. Elcrat), Jour. Computational and Appl. Math. 83 (1997), 205-236.
  5. Numerical conformal mapping methods for simply and doubly connected regions, (with T.K. DeLillo), to appear in SIAM Jour. on Scientific Computing, special issue on iterative methods, (Jan. 1998).
  6. Extremal distance, harmonic measure and numerical conformal mapping, (with T.K. DeLillo), Jour Comp. and Appl. Math. 46 (1993), 103-113.
  7. Univalence constraints on the Schwarz-Christoffel parameters, SIAM Jour. of Mathematical Analysis 17 (1986), 231-235.
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  17. Constrained extremal problems for classes of meromorphic functions, (with B. Pinchuk), Jour. D’Analyse Math. 24 (1971), 101-150.