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I am a Teaching Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department
of the
 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Click the links for recent syllabi of the courses that I typically teach.


Math 110       College Algebra

Math 130       Precalculus

Math 231       Calculus 1

Math 381       Discrete Math

Math 233       Calculus 3

Math 118      Selected Math Topics

Math 58          Math, Art and the Human Experience


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Gallery of Fractal and Origami Artwork


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Biographical Information

I received both my Bachelor's (1982) and Master's (1988) Degrees in Mathematics from UNC-Chapel Hill before becoming a faculty member in 1989. I have also served as the mathematics departmentŐs Director of Teacher Training, as well as an academic adviser in the College of Arts and Sciences. I help supervise TAs who teach pre-calculus and calculus courses. I am especially committed to helping students discover more confidence in their own mathematical abilities and am a recipient of both a Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and a StudentsŐ Undergraduate Teaching Award. I enjoy writing, photography, filmmaking, origami, and UNC basketball.



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