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    Beginning Topology

    My undergraduate textbook "Beginning Topology" is now being published by the AMS:




   Selected Publications 

Julia Sets on RP2 and Dianalytic Dynamics, with J. Hawkins, to appear, Conf. Geom. and Dyn.(2014)

Girl’s Surface, with A. Mellnik, C. Séquin, Bridges Conference Proceedings, July 2013.

Errata and corrigenda: Ergodic and chaotic properties of Lipschitz maps on smooth surfaces , with J. Hawkins, New York J. Math 18 (2012) 551-554.

Ergodic and chaotic properties of Lipschitz maps on smooth surfaces , with J. Hawkins, New York J. Math 18 (2012) 95-120

Generic Maps of the Projective Plane with a Single Triple Point, with Greg Howard, Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol 152, Issue 03, May 2012, pp 455-472


Immersions of the projective plane with one triple point, (with M. Kossowski), Differential Geometry and its Applications 27 (2009), pp. 527-542. (For a beautiful display of related graphics done

as an undergraduate research project, see Alex Mellnik .)

Modifying a branched surface to carry a foliation, (with S. Shields),  Topology and Its Applications Vol 154, Issue 16, August 2007, pp. 2962-2975.

Beginning Topology, Brooks/Cole, summer 2004

A condition for the stability of R-covered on foliations of 3-manifolds, (with S. Shields), Transactions AMS 352, Nbr. 9, (2000), 4051-4065

Vector fields with transverse foliations II, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 6 (1986), 193-203.

Vector fields with transverse foliations, Topology 24 (1985), 333-340.

Dehn surgery on Anosov flows, Geometric Dynamics, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1007, Springer 1983, pp. 300-307.

Holonomy and averaging in foliated sets, (with J. Plante) ,Jour. Diff. Geom. 14 (1979), 401-407.

Closed leaves in foliations of codimension one, Comment. Math. Helvet. 50 (1975), 383-388.


A.B. St. Louis University 1968
M.A. St. Louis University 1971
Ph.D. St. Louis University 1974 (Advisor : Larry Conlon)

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