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Recent Profiles

Lindsay Jaacks

The air pollution in China was so horrifying that UNC School of Medicine graduate student Lindsay Jaacks had to wear …

Sam Odom

Because research ties directly to the problems of everyday life, Sam Odom and his colleagues at the Frank Porter Graham …

Saule Omarova

UNC School of Law professor Saule Omarova had a busy year. First she published an article, “The Merchants of Wall …

Kevin Stewart

In introductory geology, Kevin Stewart tells his students that we know more about the things millions of miles above our …

Bob Anthony

Bob Anthony searches through the stacks in the North Carolina Collection, pulling out various treasures: a book of poetry by …

Piya Kerdlap

“What is Carolina trying to teach me?” This is the question senior Piya Kerdlap thinks about every day.

Bill Kier

Enchantment is the word UNC biologist Bill Kier uses to describe his love of the subjects he teaches.