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Tips: Each semester's course list is divided into four parts:

  1. Courses for majors: These courses count for the Concentration in Middle East Studies, offered as part of the Curriculum in International and Area Studies. The list includes language courses in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. Some courses listed here may also count for the Concentration in Arab Cultures, offered by the Department of Asian Studies.

  2. Other modern Middle East: These courses do not have sufficient Middle East content to count for majors, but they can be useful for placing the modern Middle East in larger contexts.

  3. Pre-modern Middle East: Courses about the Middle East in ancient and medieval times. Look here for courses in ancient Near Eastern languages such as biblical Hebrew and Coptic.

  4. Muslim civilizations outside the Middle East: Africa, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, etc. Look here for language courses in Bengali, Hindi-Urdu, Serbo-Croatian, and Swahili.
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