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Course listings
A list of undergraduate and graduate-level courses related to the Middle East and other majority-Muslim regions.
Duke-UNC Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies
Graduate students in all departments and schools at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill are eligible to enroll this certificate program, which trains students for interdisciplinary research in Middle East studies.
Graduate program in Islamic Studies
A subfield in the Religious Department's Ph.D. program.
M.A. in Romance Languages with a concentration in Franco-Arab Studies
A newly established M.A. concentration that spans French and Arabic studies
Job postings
Sponsored by the Study of Islam Section, American Academy of Religion.
You should also consult the employment listings from the Middle East Studies Association.
Curriculum in Global Studies helps to facilitate students' ability to find appropriate internships as well as the means to support those experiences. Global Studies has no independent funds to this end, but can point students to units on campus that do, and work with them on grant and proposal writing.
Event funding  
CCSMEMC offers event funding opportunities for UNC units and organizations seeking support for projects that increase awareness of the history and culture of the Middle East and Muslim civilizations.
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships  
FLAS applications are due on January 28, 2011. Applications are to be submitted digitally via
"Islam Reading" interdisciplinary graduate student working group. Monthly meetings with Duke and UNC graduate students. Email for more information.
8th Annual Duke-UNC Graduate Islamic Studies Conference: "How Ideas Win: Formations of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy In Muslim Practice and Thought." February 19-20, 2011, FedEx Global Education Center, UNC-CH.

Resources for Teaching
Center for Faculty Excellence (UNC)
Media Resources Center (UNC)
ITS Teaching and Learning (UNC)
Center for Instructional Technology (Duke)

Resources for Language Instruction:
Foreign Language Resource Center (UNC)
Dey 110 Instructional Resources Lab (UNC)
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