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The Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations promotes understanding of the Middle East through teaching, research, and community outreach.

RECENT RESEARCH. View new and forthcoming publications by UNC faculty.


Crisis in the Middle East: For breaking news about the region, go to Al-Jazeera English.


UNC grad Clint Deloatch '78 anchors a television news program in Istanbul, Turkey. Read more in the Carolina Alumni Review.
UNC political science professor Andrew Reynolds warns of the dangers of an "opaque process" in upcoming Egyptian elections in this Washington Post article.
UNC history professor Christopher Lee examines the Palestinian university system in an article for Foreign Policy magazine's on-line "Middle East Channel." Read "Beyond the madrassa paradigm" here.
Sarah Bond, who just earned her doctorate in history at UNC, published an op-ed in the New York Times on ancient precedents for the erasure of images of former president Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.
UNC sociology Professor Charles Kurzman's work has been featured in the University Gazette. The article details Kurzman's research on terrorism in an effort to "add the missing context that could help enhance public understanding and reduce public anxiety."
UNC professor Sahar Amer was interviewed by CNN about the recent burka ban in France. .
The UNC Endeavors magazine features an article "Counting Terrorists" about Jake Filip and sociology professor Charles Kurzman's work on homegrown terrorism.
Information about Fall 2011 courses related to the Middle East and Muslim civilizations is now available! Visit our courses page to learn more.
The Institute for the Arts and Humanities invited Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who has led an effort to build a controversial inter-faith cultural center in lower Manhattan, to deliver the 2011 Weil Lecture on American Citizenship. Watch the video of his lecture entitled "Unfinished Dreams: America, Citizenship, and Religion."
Annual Duke-UNC Conference: "Human Rights in Islam: The Politics of Cultural Translation," February 24, 2011. Click here to watch.
UNC Sociology Professor Charles Kurzman on NPR's Diane Rehm Show discusses Congressional hearings on Muslims in the U.S.
The Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks Series at UNC Press has won an award from the American Institute of Pakistan Studies for its 2010 title Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia by Iftikhar Dadi. Read more about the award, the prize-winning book, or about the series.
View pictures from the Center's screening of the film "Budrus" on our Facebook page. Thanks to UNC student Spencer Bakalar for the wonderful photographs.
UNC professor Andrew Reynolds to advise Egypt and Tunisia.
"Egypt After the Uprising" -- WUNC's Frank Stasio interviews Carl Ernst and Nadia Yaqub on "The State of Things"
Think Fast Forum: UNC Faculty on Egypt in Crisis - A panel discussion on the recent events in Cairo, featuring Carl Ernst (Religious Studies), Nadia Yaqub (Asian Studies), and Doria El Kerdany (Asian Studies). Audio of the presentations here.
A new study by UNC professor Charles Kurzman shows that the number of Muslim-Americans who perpetrated or were arrested for terrorist acts declined sharply in 2010. Read the press release or the report.
8th Annual Duke-UNC Graduate Islamic Studies Conference: "How Ideas Win: Formations of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy In Muslim Practice and Thought", February 19-20, 2011. Read more.

  • UNC Islamic Studies undergraduate Laurence Deschamps-Laporte wins Rhodes Scholarship.

  • UNC's School of Library and Information Science wins grants for collaboration with two Middle East universities.

  • The Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies wins Title VI funding for 2010-2014! Read more.

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