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Faculty and Administrators
Name Department Area of Specialization
Shahla Adel Asian Studies Persian and Iranian Studies
Sahar Amer Asian Studies Arabic, European Orientalism
Martine Antle Romance Languages and Literature Twentieth-century French studies, Franco-Arabic relations, African Francophone literature
Glaire Anderson Art History Early and medieval Islamic art/
Lorraine Aragon Anthropology Indonesia
Yaakov Ariel Religious Studies Judaism
Farida Badr Asian Studies Arabic language and culture
Navin Bapat Political Science Terrorism and international relations
Ronald Bergquist Information and Library Science Library science
Emily Burrill Women's Studies Gender and imperialism, women and the law in modern Africa and the Middle East; marriage practices in Mali
John Caldwell Hindi-Urdu Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Hindi-Urdu
Peter Coclanis International Affairs South/Southeast Asia
Michael Corrado Law School Comparative law
Lidewijde de Jong Classics Early Islamic archaeology of the Near East, particularly Syria and Lebanon
Ibrahim Duqum Prosthodontics Department, School of Dentistry Didactic, pre-clinical and clinical Fixed, Removable, and Implant Prosthodontics
Doria El Kerdany Asian Studies Arabic language, culture, film, and music
Mohamed Abou El Seoud Daivs Library Middle East Librarian
Bart Ehrman Religious Studies New Testament; early Christianity
Geni Eng Public Health HIV/AIDS prevention
Carl Ernst Religious Studies Middle East and South Asia
Raymond B. Farrow Kenan-Flagler School of Business  
Tim Flood Kenan-Flagler School of Business Presentation skills, business writing, global communication, and American culture and business practices
Pika Ghosh Art History South Asian art and architecture
Banu Gökariksel Geography Turkey, Indonesia
Mustafa Gültekin Kenan-Flagler School of Business Turkey
Joseph Haj Playmakers Repertory Theater Theater, Palestine
Adel Hanna Environmental Program Climate change
Nasser Isleem Asian Studies Arabic
Fatimah Jackson Institute of African American Research Anthropology
Charles Joukhadar Asian Studies Arabic language and culture
Zahra Kamarei Asian Studies Persian
Charles Kurzman Sociology Iran and Islamic movements
David Lambert Religious Studies Hebrew Bible
David Leith Environmental Sciences and Engineering Environment (air); occupational health; technology
Jacqueline MacDonald Gillings School of Global Public Health Environment (general); environment (soil); environment (water)
Sela Mager Asian Studies Hebrew
Jodi Magness Religious Studies Middle East archaeology
Tim Marr American Studies U.S. Orientalism
Winifred F. Metz Library Film and media
Mabel Miguel Kenan-Flager School of Business Turkey
Don Nonini Anthropology Malaysia
Julius Nyang'Oro African Afro-American Studies East Africa
Leena Nylander-French Environmental Sciences and Engineering Occupational Health
Anthony Oberschall Sociology Ethnic conflict in Israel/Palestine, Bosnia
Jim Peacock Anthropology Southeast Asia
John Pickles Geography Bulgaria-Turkey
Zlatko Plese Religious Studies Gnosticism, monasticism, early Christianity, Coptic studies
Shelli Plesser Asian Studies Hebrew
Barry Popkin Gillings School of Global Public Health Obesity economics and epidemiology
Howard Reisner Pathology
Andrew Reynolds Political Science State-building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan
John Rutledge Library European and Middle Eastern collections development
Omid Safi Religious Studies Islam, Iran, Turkey, Middle East
Kenneth Sams Classics Near Eastern archaeology
Mamarame Seck African & Afro-American Studies Wolof language and literature, Sufism
Bereket Selassie African & Afro-American Studies North-East Africa
Yaron Shemer Asian Studies Arab and Israeli film studies, Hebrew language
Sarah Shields History Middle East
Jill Shires Library
Beverly A. Sizemore Director of International Programs, Law School
Sara H. Smith Geography
Political and social geography, nationalism, health, South Asia
David Steffen Gillings School of Global Public Health Distance education, ethics, public health practice and systems, healthcare quality improvement, workforce development
Niklaus Steiner Center for Global Initiatives
Barbara Stenross Academic Advising Sufism
Jacob Stromberg Religious Studies Hebrew Bible
Afroz Taj Asian Studies Hindi-Urdu language and literature
Nilay Tanik Argon Statistics and Operations Research Design and control of queuing systems with applications to manufacturing and healthcare
John Van Aalst Pediatric and Craniofacial Plastic Surgery Pediatric plastic surgery; craniofacial surgery; cleft lip and palate
Dorothy Verkerk Art History   Morocco
William Vizuete Gillings School of Global Public Health Air quality, atmospheric chemistry, air quality modeling
Ellen Welch Romance Languages   Early modern Mediterranean studies and French-Arabic relations
Dale Whittington Environment Sciences and Engineering   Middle East water resources
Nadia Yaqub Asian Studies  Arabic
Karin Yeatts Gillings School of Global Public Health Epidemiology
Serhan Ziya Statistics and Operations Research Pricing and inventory control, pricing for service systems, revenue management and service operations; optimal control of queuing systems, health operations
Cangüzel Zülfikar Asian Studies Turkish and history of the Ottomans and Turkey
Fahir Zülfikar Disbursement Services Islamic business ethics


Name Department Area of Specialization
Yousuf Al-Bulushi Geography (Graduate Student) Political Economy, Urban Geography, Social Theory, Globalization and Development, Southern and Central Africa
Isabella Archer Romance Languages/Franco-Arab Studies (Graduate Student) Franco-Arab studies, North Africa, Orientalism, art
Leila Armstrong Art History (Graduate Student) Medieval North African urbanism
Rose Aslan Religious Studies (Graduate Student) Islamic studies
Margo Balboni Peace, War, and Defense (Undergraduate) Arabic; French
Hala Borno School of Medicine (Graduate Student) Primary care and public health
Laurel Bradley Anthropology (Graduate Student) Israel
Christine Carpino Political Science (Graduate Student) dissident organizations, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah/PLO
Besir Ceka Political Science (Graduate Student) Democratization, political competition and participation, corruption
Nadia Dawisha Communication Studies (Graduate Student) Transnational Middle Eastern feminist studies
Murat Es Geography (Graduate Student) Middle East and Europe
Kathleen Foody Religious Studies (Graduate Student) Islam
Brandon Gorman Sociology (Graduate Student) Political sociology, democracy, and gender
Gary Guadagnolo History (Graduate Student) Islam in Russia and Central Asia
Aseem Hasnain Sociology (Graduate Student) South Asia, Islam, interfaith interactions
Matthew Hotham Religious Studies (Graduate Student) Islam
Rolien Hoyng Communication (Graduate Student) Information technologies in Turkey
Atiya Husain Sociology (Graduate Student) Social movements, culture, Islam and race
Brannon Ingram Religious Studies (Graduate Student) Islam
Mohammad Ali Kadivar Sociology (Graduate Student) Middle East, Iran, Islam and Islamic reformist movements
Gazi Kara Economics (Graduate Student) Institutional change and economic growth in Turkey
Marwa Yusuf Koheji Folklore (Graduate Student) Middle East Folklore
Anna Levett Comparative Literature (Graduate Student) 20th century Mediterranean literature, especially Turkish
G. A. Lipton Religious Studies (Graduate Student) Islamic studies
Matthew Lubin History (Graduate Student) Ottoman history
Sherine Mahfouz Journalism and Mass Communications (Graduate Student) Arab media
Justin Martin Journalism and Mass Communications (Graduate Student) Media in Jordan
Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst Religious Studies (Graduate Student)  Islam in South Asia
Aman Nadhiri English (Graduate Student)  Islam
Ijlal Naqvi Sociology (Graduate Student)  Iran/Pakistan
Arta Osmanaj City and Regional Planning (Graduate Student) Economic & international development
Linda Quiquivix Geography (Graduate Student) Power, maps, Palestine
Rachana Rao Anthropology (Graduate Student) South Asian Islam
Michael Rulon Comparative Literature (Graduate Student) Francophone and Arabic literature
Christopher Scanzoni Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies (Undergraduate)
Natalia Suit Anthropology (Graduate Student) Qur'an as a physical object in Egypt
Nathan W. Swanson Geography (Graduate Student) Middle East, law, human rights
Tehseen Thaver Religious Studies (Graduate Student)  Islamic studies
Sarah Thomsen Vierra History (Graduate Student) History of Germany's Turkish Community
David Uthlaut Sociology (Graduate Student) Insurgency and counterinsurgency in the Middle East
Elena Yehia Anthropology (Graduate Student) Social movements in Lebanon and Mexico
Bahar Yolac Art History (Graduate Student) 18th century Ottoman female patronage in art UNC Home  |  College of Arts & Sciences  |  UNC Global  |  Directories  |  Search UNC