A program of the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations,
with the generous support of the Carolina Seminars


1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001

Starred events are sponsored by the Seminar.
(Other events are recommended but not Seminar-sponsored.)

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 October 25, 1994: Miriam Cooke and Akram Khater (Seminar members), "War Photography and Music in Lebanon in Relation to the Problematic Category of Popular Culture."

 November 15, 1994: Carl Ernst (convenor), "Local Cultural Nationalism as Anti-Fundamentalist Strategy in Pakistan."

 December 6, 1994: Tony Stewart (member), "Literature and Religion of Satya Pir: Processes of Accomodation and Appropriation."

 January 25, 1995: Katherine Ewing (member), "Lacanian Subject and Sufi Desire from al-Ghazali to Iqbal."

 February 8, 1995: Joshua Landis (member), "Nationalism and Popular Culture in the Mashriq."

 March 27, 1995: Edmund Burke, III (guest), UC Santa Cruz, "Orientalism and World History."

 March 29, 1995: Vincent Cornell (member), "Hasanid Shi'ism, Sharifism, and the Prophetic Inheritance: The Moroccan Origins of at-Tariqa al-Muhammadiyya."

 September 28, 1995: Devin Stewart, "The Shi'ite Theory of Occultation in the Maqamat of Al-Hamadhani (or, Elvis in the Baghdad Date Market)."

 November 1, 1995: Art Buehler, "The Development of the Sufi Pir as an Infallible Authority."

 January 30, 1996: Bruce Lawrence, Carl Ernst, and Art Buehler, "First International Congress of Professors of Persian Language and Literature."

 March 28, 1996: Sumaiya Hamdani, "Sunni-Shi'i Polemics in Ifriqiya during the Fatimid Period."

 April 9, 1996: Gilles Kepel, "Social Structure of Islamist Movements."

 April 17, 1996: Muhammad Qasim Zaman, "Arabic and the Arab Middle East in the Definition of Muslim Identity in Twentieth Century India."

 April 25, 1996: Olga Davidson, "Epic as Framed for Performance Boasting in the Persian 'Book of Kings.'"

 October 2, 1996: Farzaneh Milani (University of Virginia), "From Cinderella to Barbie: Women's Segregation in the Muslim World."

 October 30, 1996: Miriam Cooke (Duke University), "Listen to the Image Speak."

 February 19, 1997: Muhammed Abu-Niimer (Guilford College), "Dispute Resolution in Tribal Societies."

 March 5, 1997: Muhammad Kalam (University of Madras), "Muslims in Britain: Changing Visibility."

 April 3, 1997: Papiya Ghosh (Bihar University), "Situating 'South Asians' in North America."

 May 7, 1997: Birgit Schaebler (Germany), "The `Ammiyya of Jabal Hauran: Shaykhs, Peasants, and the Ottoman State."

 July 13, 1997: Nasrollah Pourjavady (Iran University Press, Tehran), "The Early Development of Sufism in Khurasan."

 August 27, 1997: Jamal Malik (Bonn/Bamberg Universities), "The Mulla and the State: Dynamics of Muslim Scholars and their Institutions in Contemporary South Asia."

 December 10, 1997: Sarah Shields (University of North Carolina), "Ottoman Land Reform of 1858: Unexpected Struggles for the Rural Surplus."

 March 9, 1998: George Saliba (Columbia University), "The Periodization of Islamic Intellectual History: Problems and Perspectives."

 March 31, 1998: Talat Halman (Bilkent University, Ankara), "Rumi & the Whirling Dervishes: The Poetry of Ecstasy."

 April 8, 1998: Charles Kurzman (University of North Carolina), "Mashrutiyat and Meshrutiyet: Constitutionalism in the Middle East in Comparative Perspective."

 May 22, 1998: Carl Ernst (University of North Carolina), "Miniature Illustrations of Yogis in the UNC-CH Manuscript of the Persian translation of The Pool of Nectar."

September 11, 1998: Carl Ernst (UNC-CH, Religious Studies), "Hafiz, Rumi, and the Performance of Sufi Music," Introductory talk. M. R. Lotfi, Concert, Improvisational Persian Music. 8:00 p.m., NCSU.

September 30, 1998: Carl Ernst (UNC-CH, Religious Studies), "The Spiritual and Literary Legacy of Rumi." Introductory talk, The First Annual Rumi Festival. 9:00 p.m., Carrboro Arts Center.

 November 17, 1998: Fatos Tarifa (UNC-CH, Sociology, Albanian Ambassador to the Netherlands). "Albania, Kosova, and Islam." 7:30 p.m., National Humanities Center.

 January 14, 1999: Adeeb Khalid (Carleton College), "The Trajectory of Muslim Modernism in Central Asia, 1890-1925." 7:00 p.m., University Center for International Studies, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill
(co-sponsored by theCenter for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies, and UCIS).

January 26, 1999: Charles Kurzman (UNC-CH, Sociology), "Liberal Islam" -- book event and reading. 3:30 p.m., Bull's Head Bookstore, UNC-CH.

 February 1, 1999: Imam W. Deen Mohammed (Muslim American Society), "The Role of Islam in America." 8:00 p.m., 100 Hamilton Hall, UNC-CH.

 March 3, 1999: Chouki El-Hamel (Duke, History), "Race and Slavery in Pre-Colonial Morocco:  the Question of the Harratin." 7:00 p.m., National Humanities Center.

 April 8, 1999: John Voll (Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding, Georgetown University), "Islam, Democracy, Modernity." 7:30 p.m.. University Center for International Studies, 223 East Franklin Street, UNC-CH (in conjunction with UNC-CH Workshop on Democracy and Democratization).

 April 19, 1999: Abdullahi An-Na`im (Emory University, School of Law), "Islam, Human Rights, and Terrorism: Shared Responsibilities at Home and Abroad." 12:15 pm. Breedlove Seminar Room, Duke University (co-sponsored by Duke University Seminar on Globalization and Equity).

June 15, 1999: Middle Eastern musicians led by Hugh Talat Halman, Reception for National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar for College Teachers, on "The Literature of Islamic Mysticism." 8:00 p.m., home of Carl Ernst (call 929-4594 for directions).

 June 29, 1999: Joint presentation by Carl Ernst (UNC-CH, Religious Studies) and Bruce Lawrence (Duke, Religion), "The Chishti Niche in the Global Spiritual Network," a chapter from the forthcoming book Burnt Hearts: The Chishti Sufi Border in South Asia and Beyond. Co-sponsored by Triangle South Asia Consortium.
8:30 p.m., home of Carl Ernst (call 929-4594 for directions).

 September 13, 1999: Shemeem Abbas (Allama Iqbal Open University), "The Feminine Voice in Pakistani Sufi Music." 5:00 p.m., Duke University, Gray 212.

October 2, 1999: Carl Ernst (UNC-CH, Religious Studies), "The Zikr of the Whirling Dervishes." Introductory talk, The Second Annual Rumi Festival of Chapel Hill. 8:00 p.m., Great Hall, Carolina Union, UNC-CH.

 October 28, 1999: Two talks: (1) Michael Peletz (Anthropology, Colgate University), "Malaysian Resurgents."  (2) Carrie Wickham (Emory University), "Religious Sources of Opposition Activism in Mubarak's Egypt." 5:00-8:00 p.m., National Humanities Center.

 February 4, 2000: Nabil Abdelfattah (Western Michigan University), "Mental Processing and the Development of Reading Comprehension Strategies among Beginning and Intermediate Arabic Students." 

 February 14, 2000: Walid Hamarneh (University of Texas at Austin), "Under The Jealous Gaze of the Real: Narrative, Subjectivity and Legitimacy in the work of Edward Kharrat."

 February 18, 2000: Nadia Yaqub (Duke U.), "The Tale of Those Who Did Not Travel: Reading Yahya al-Tahir `Abdullah's 'The Neckband and the Bracelet' as Sirah."

 April 25, 2000: James Gelvin (UCLA, History), "'Pious' Ulama and 'Overly-Europeanized Falsifiers' and the Debate About the 'Woman Question' in Early Twentieth-Century Damascus." 7:30 p.m., University Center for International Studies.

 September 21, 2000: Lisa Pollard (University of North Carolina at Wilmington), "Education as a Site of Colonial Resistance in Turn-of-the-Century Egypt." 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 October 16, 2000: Azizah al-Hibri (University of Richmond), "The Muslim Marriage Contract in America." 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 October 17, 2000: Henry Azar (History, UNC-CH), Medicine in Muslim Spain: The Legacy of Avenzoar (Ibn Zuhr) of Seville; Carl Ernst (Religious Studies, UNC-CH), Sufism and the Interior Pilgrimage According to Ruzbihan Baqli of Shiraz (d. 1209). 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 Oct. 30, 2000: Saeed Shafqat (Civil Services Academy, Lahore, Pakistan), "Between Madrassahs and MacDonald's: The Rise of a New Religious Group, the Lashkar-i Tayyiba, and the problem of Democratic Framework in Pakistan." Co-Sponsored by the North Carolina Center for South Asia Studies. 8 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 January 29, 2001: Jonathan P. Berkey (Davidson College),"Popular Preachers, Storytellers, and Religious Authority in the Medieval Islamic Near East." 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 February 28, 2001: Muhammad Qasim Zaman (Brown University), "New Roles of Religiopolitical Activism in Contemporary Islam: A Comparative Perspective on the Sunni `Ulama.'" 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 March 27, 2001: Bruce Lawrence (Duke University), "Muslim Networks and the Information Age." 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

 April 24, 2001: Gregory S. Starrett (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), "Technology and Market Forces in Islamic Education." 7 p.m., University Center for International Studies, UNC-CH, 223 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill. [an error occurred while processing this directive]