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April 2008

Students earn prestigious scholarships

Four students have won distinguished national or international scholarships so far this spring. Student Body Vice President Mike Tarrant was selected as a Luce Scholar and will study in Asia. Junior Danielle Allen, our newest Truman Scholar, is pursuing a career in public service. Lisa Bond and Stephanie Jones, both seniors majoring in the physical sciences won Churchill Scholarships for graduate work at Cambridge University in England.

Carolina ranks 4th in Peace Corps volunteers

Carolina has reached a milestone of 1,000 alumni Peace Corps volunteers. Since the inception of the Peace Corps, 1,012 alumni have joined, making UNC the 25th-leading producer of volunteers. UNC ranked No. 4 among large schools for sending its alumni to the Peace Corps in 2007 — up from 8th the previous year.

Harmful algae taking advantage of global warming

You know that green scum creeping across the surface of your local public water reservoir? Or maybe it's choking out a favorite fishing spot or livestock watering hole. Itís probably cyanobacteria — blue-green algae. Kenan Professor Hans Paerlís research shows that cynobacteria relishes the weather extremes that accompany global warming.

U.S. News ranks graduate, professional programs

Carolina appears on multiple lists of schools, programs and specialty areas newly ranked by U.S. News and World Report Magazine for its 2009 edition of "Americaís Best Graduate Schools." This year's rankings cover areas including medicine, health disciplines, pharmacy, environmental/environmental health, social work, business, sciences, public administration, education and law.