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July 5, 2002 -- No. 381

UNC awards scholarships to 25 out-of-state and international freshmen

CHAPEL HILL -- Listed below alphabetically by state are the 25 out-of-state and international freshmen for 2002-2003 who have won scholarships from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After each listing is an abbreviated name of the scholarship the student won. Please see the attached news release for full names and descriptions of the scholarships and the donors who established them. Names marked by an asterisk appear under more than one location. Some dual listings are on a different release for North Carolina newspapers.

Out-of-State Winners


Daniel Paul Findlay, 412 Bookcliff Drive, Grand Junction; son of William and Jane Findlay; graduate of Grand Junction High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


Sarah Carucci, 62 Kettle Creek Road, Weston; daughter of Robert and Veronica Carucci; graduate of Weston High School; Davie Scholar.


William Scott Heitman, 4301 N.W. 66th Terrace, Gainesville; son of William T. and Elizabeth Heitman; graduate of Buchholz High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


Matthew Dalton French, 5577 Durrett Drive, Dunwoody; son of Steven P. and Nancy N. French; graduate of Greater Atlanta Christian School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.

Benjamin Price Long, 1827 Lake Ridge Terrace, Lawrenceville; son of Mark Stuart Long and Katherine Jarvis Long; graduate of Collins Hill High School, Suwanee; Davie Scholar.


Diane C. Eikenberry, 8129 Lincoln Blvd., Indianapolis; daughter of Dale W. and Linda C. Eikenberry; graduate of Cathedral High School; Davie Scholar.


Alison Leigh Carr, 16907 Hoskinson Road, Poolesville; daughter of Peter C. and Becky K. Carr; graduate of Poolesville High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.

*Garrett Glenn Hall, 234 Sweet Bay Place, Carrboro, N.C.; son of Robert Hall of 3025 Mozart Drive, Silver Spring, and Dede Hall of 234 Sweet Bay Place, Carrboro, N.C.; graduate of Paint Branch High School, Burtonsville; Edward Smith Carolina Scholar.

Steven Thomas Piantadosi, 13009 Gent Road, Reisterstown; son of Steven and Bonnie Piantadosi; graduate of Dulaney High School; Reichardt Carolina Scholar.


Jourdan Elizabeth Stuart, 529 Plymouth, East Grand Rapids; daughter of Bill and Janet Stuart; graduate of East Grand Rapids High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


*Jan Edward Brooks Koelb, 113 Springhill Forest Road, Chapel Hill, N.C.; son of Clayton T. Koelb of 113 Springhill Forest Road, Chapel Hill, N.C., and Susan J. Noakes of 436 Ashland Ave., St. Paul; graduate of East Chapel Hill High School; Jackson Scholar.


Richard Edmond Finneran, 609 Dartmouth Crest Drive, Wildwood; son of Richard J. Finneran of Wildwood and the late Mary Fitzgerald Finneran; graduate of Lafayette High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.

Matthew Thomas Stevenson, 904 N.W. 73rd Terrace, Weatherby Lake; son of Brian and Doris Stevenson; graduate of Park Hill High School, Kansas City; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


Stephanie Pui-lai Chan, 1116 Seagull Lane, Cherry Hill; daughter of Ignatius Y. and Peggy W. Chan; graduate of Cherry Hill High School East; Davie Scholar.


Jennifer M. Hansen, 204 Ridge Road, Goshen; daughter of Richard and Lenore Hansen; graduate of Goshen Central High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


Megan Kathleen Meyer, 550 Reily Road, Wyoming; daughter of Timothy and Joan Meyer; graduate of Wyoming High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


*Derek Paul Adler, 7955 Buckfield Place, Charlotte, N.C.; son of Larry Adler of 2013 Ridgeway Drive, Weatherford and Barbara Phillips of 7955 Buckfield Place, Charlotte, N.C.; graduate of South Mecklenburg High School, Charlotte, N.C.; Davie Scholar.


Lisa Shugert Bevevino, 1024 Fourth St., Beaver; daughter of Joseph G. and Cynthia S. Bevevino; graduate of Sewickley Academy, Sewickley; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.

Katie Ford, 515 Cedar Lane, Swarthmore; daughter of Scott and Sharon Ford; graduate of Strath Haven High School; Davie Scholar.


Kathleen Lu, 200 Averill Lane, Irmo; daughter of Roger Yong Lu and Jane Xioyan Jiang; graduate of Dutch Fork High School; Davie Scholar.

Parker Melvin, 216 Newberg Road, Chapin; son of W. Brinkley and Robin Melvin; graduate of Chapin High School; Davie Scholar.


Sarah Hench, 3718 Yelton Drive, Nashville; daughter of Bill and Mary Hench; graduate of Father Ryan High School; Davie Scholar.

Philip Kozak, 2422 McIntyre Court, Franklin; son of Randall and Currin Kozak; graduate of Battle Ground Academy; Davie Scholar.

*Madison Perry, 1208 Sweetbriar Circle, Kinston, N.C.; daughter of Jimbo and Joan T. Perry; graduate of McCallie School, Chattanooga; Davie Scholar.

Lisa Karen Swanson, 901 Sir Echo Drive, Kingsport; daughter of Frank A. and Laura Swanson; graduate of Sullivan South High School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.


Wesley Judkins Campbell, 902 Preston Ave., Blacksburg; son of Greg and Anne Campbell; graduate of Blacksburg High School; Holmberg Carolina Scholar.

*Andrew Scott Farrar, 44 Dry Creek Court, Apex, N.C.; son of Duvall Scott Farrar and Linda Koonts Farrar; graduate of Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.; Coker-Fox Scholar.

*Katharine W. Hutchison, 812 Old Mill Road, Chapel Hill, N.C.; daughter of John Sands Morrell Hutchison of 812 Old Mill Road and Robin Richards Hutchison of 12201 Spring Meadow Drive, Chapel Hill. N.C.; graduate of Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.; Coker-Fox Scholar.

*Elizabeth Kelly Mathison, 4340 Fourth St. Circle, Hickory, N.C.; daughter of Sue Mathison of 4340 Fourth St. Circle, Hickory and David Mathison of 4103 Pinecrest Drive, Hickory; graduate of Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.; Coker-Fox Scholar.

Hillary Burch Robertson, 8908 Norwick Road, Richmond; daughter of Gregory B. and Elizabeth W. Robertson; graduate of Collegiate School; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.

*Michael Stella, 200 Captains Court, Elizabeth City, N.C.; son of John and Leslie Stella; graduate of Norfolk Collegiate School, Norfolk, Va.; Davie Scholar.

*Millie Townsend Tanner, P.O. Box 887, Rutherfordton, N.C.; daughter of Allison Pell Tanner and Nancy King Tanner; graduate of Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.; Coker-Fox Scholar.


Bridget Lovell, 6147 N. Shoreland Ave., Whitefish Bay; daughter of Rick Weber of 6147 N. Shoreland Ave. and Vivienne Weber of 3161 S. Logan Ave., Milwaukee; graduate of Whitefish Bay High School; Davie Scholar.

International Winners


Jinda Ella-Mae Wedel, 1269 Ramintraniwes, Soi 67 Ramintra Road, Bangkok; daughter of Paul and Yuangrat Wedel; graduate of New International School of Thailand; Chancellorís Carolina Scholar.