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Notable Quotes

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Sept. 26, 2007

Notable Quotes

What People Are Saying About Chancellor Moeser’s Tenure at Carolina:

“Chancellor Moeser has set the bar very high at Chapel Hill and that is reflected in the breadth and depth of what we are accomplishing now. He has set the tone for the entire campus, and our faculty, students and staff are doing a wonderful job on behalf of the University. His leadership has provided great vision and opportunities for Carolina. If we all keep working aggressively, we are well-positioned to continue educating and serving the people of North Carolina. Our success is a great tribute to James.” Roger Perry, newly elected chair, UNC Board of Trustees  

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Chancellor Moeser and watching him grow as a leader during my time as a trustee. He is a consummate professional and has led Carolina to accomplish great things. During our orientation for new trustees last July I was struck by just how many examples there were of excellence and progress with key initiatives and strategic goals. James has built a wonderful team, and we are very proud of what they have accomplished together and are doing to make Carolina the nation’s leading public university. James has set a very high standard in his performance as chancellor that will serve the University exceptionally well in the years to come.” – Nelson Schwab, immediate past chair, UNC Board of Trustees

“Throughout his tenure, James Moeser has refused to accept anything less than excellence at Chapel Hill, and you can see that excellence everywhere you look – the quality and diversity of the student body, the outstanding faculty, and the state of the facilities on the campus. Good has never been good enough for James Moeser. He has set high standards for this University and held all of us accountable for meeting them. His passion for academic excellence and commitment to service are among the qualities that have made him such a great chancellor. We are enormously proud of all that Carolina has accomplished under his leadership, and we are immensely grateful for all that he has done to strengthen this University and this state.  His leadership has put us on the path where all will recognize that Chapel Hill is the best public university in America.” –  University of North Carolina President Erskine Bowles

“Chancellor Moeser carried the University through the most significant capital development campaign in its history. He has guided the development of the health sciences, particularly in research, in a most productive way. His spirit and his enthusiasm for the role of the University in Chapel Hill and in the life of the state and nation have been contagious and motivated him in all of his good work. I also salute his wife, Susan, whose contributions have been many. The people of the state are much in the debt of this dedicated couple.” – University of North Carolina President Emeritus William C. Friday

“Chancellor Moeser is a fantastic man who dedicated his tenure at UNC-Chapel Hill to not just talking, to not just projecting, but to actually bringing into fruition the reason why Carolina is an incredibly successful university. His tenure raised the stature of UNC-Chapel Hill in the international community. A better chancellor could not be found. I wish him and Susan all the best as they begin the next chapter of their lives." Marc Basnight, president pro tempore, North Carolina Senate

“Chancellor Moeser has earned our thanks for his many years of dedicated and effective service educating the people of North Carolina. It has been a pleasure to work together for our great University." – Joe Hackney, speaker, North Carolina House of Representatives

“The value of faculty governance is founded on trust between the administration and the faculty. From his first day as our chancellor, James Moeser has engaged faculty governance in issues of importance on campus. Of course it helps that Chancellor Moeser has championed commendable causes, from academic freedom concerning our choice of the summer reading book to encouraging our students to study abroad, and from teeth-rattling levels of construction to carefully crafting the Carolina Covenant. Definition by example is an excellent pedagogical tool, and James Moeser has repeatedly defined through example Carolina's aspiration to be ‘the nation's leading public institution.’ His ability to step forward with the UNC flag unfurled at the right moment has been effectively leveraged by his wisdom in letting the faculty lead the way in their daily activities without interference.” – Dr. Joseph Templeton, faculty chair and Francis Preston Venable Professor of Chemistry

"James Moeser has been a generative leader in every sense, unifying the campus, earning the respect of peers in the Southeast and across the country, bringing to one of the nation's most important university positions a unique combination of good will, common sense, decency and wisdom. By the Carolina Covenant and other steps to level education's playing field, he has reshaped the way we think about opportunity and decency. Carolina has a long history of great leaders. James Moeser has earned a high rank among them, and in the process taught a valuable lesson on the subject of what it is to be a good man." – John T. Casteen III, president, University of Virginia

“For the past seven years, James Moeser has set the standard for Carolina’s pursuit of academic quality. He also has championed initiatives that will expand access to educational excellence for low-income students. Although we may be friendly rivals in certain areas, N.C. State and UNC-Chapel Hill have built strong alliances as sister institutions and as leading research extensive universities. Our shared commitment to serving the needs of our state has led to many successful collaborations including our joint biomedical engineering degree programs and the Dole initiative in Kannapolis. I’m grateful to James Moeser for his collegiality and his eagerness to work together to benefit our state, our nation and the world.  His vision and leadership at Carolina will have a lasting influence.” – Chancellor James Oblinger, North Carolina State University