Jan. 9, 2007

Carolina in the News

Here is a sampling of links and notes about Carolina people and programs cited recently in the media:

International Coverage

Put health in own hands
The Edmonton Sun (Canada)

Of course you all know how to keep healthy this year. ...Another researcher, Dr. Stephen Moll at the University of North Carolina, says he has seen similar cases and they all resulted from immobility for long periods of time.

National Coverage

University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Wins Again
NBC NewsChannel

Which public colleges are the best education values? ...Topping the list for the sixth time was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The February edition of Kiplinger's Personal Finance noted that UNC students pay $13,584 or less.

North Carolina, Florida Named Best Public University Values

The University of North Carolina, the University of Florida and the College of William & Mary in Virginia were named the best values in U.S. public higher education in a survey by Kiplinger's
Personal Finance magazine.
UNC News Release: http://www.unc.edu/news/archives/jan07/kiplinger010807.htm

Doctors Fault Designers’ Stance Over Thin Models
The New York Times

The response of American fashion designers to the problem of dangerously thin models on the runway is to propose educational reform and better working conditions. ...“You hear about the high-profile cases, but you have to think, beyond that, what may be going on at all levels of modeling,” said Dr. Cynthia M. Bulik, a professor of eating disorders at the University of North Carolina and a past president of the Academy for Eating Disorders.

Beverage studies may follow the money too closely
USA Today

Nutrition studies are more likely to tout the health benefits or downplay concerns about soft drinks, juice and milk when they are financed by manufacturers and industry groups than when they are paid for by impartial sources, a new analysis shows. ...Barry Popkin, a nutrition professor at the University of North Carolina, agrees. "Clearly this is an issue of great concern," he says.
UNC News Release: http://www.unc.edu/news/archives/mar06/healthybeverage030806.htm

Drink Up to Slim Down? (Commentary)
The Washington Post

Earlier this month, the federal government imposed stiff fines on some well-known marketers of weight loss pill for deceptive marketing. ...Yet beverages now account for about 20 percent of daily calories consumed by those 2 and older, according to Barry M. Popkin, director of the Interdisciplinary Obesity Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Marathon for a Mormon
The Chicago Tribune

In the last half-century, America has elected a Catholic president, and a ticket with a Jewish vice presidential candidate won the popular vote. ..."To some extent he's got to get beyond the religious debate and show how it's helped him live his life," said Ferrel Guillory, director of the Program on Southern Politics, Media and Public Life at the University of North Carolina.

Whooping Cough Not Just an Illness of Past
McClatchy Newspapers

When Debbie Quinn's newborn son developed a runny nose and a cough within weeks of his birth in June, Quinn figured he had picked up her husband's cold. ..."A lot of people will try to tough it out at home," said Dr. Tom Belhorn, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.

Our deepwater reefs may get protection
McClatchy Newspapers

More than 1,000 feet beneath the ocean surface, in black water illuminated only by the spotlights of research submarines, lies a world of snow-white coral, rock pinnacles as high as skyscrapers and vast communities of crabs, fish, shrimp and other creatures. ..."We're finding all these things because they're so poorly researched," said Steve Ross, associate research professor at the University of North Carolina's Center for Marine Science, who has gone on descents to the reefs off Florida.

State and Local Coverage

UNC again tops Kiplinger's 'best value' list
The Triangle Business Journal

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill again retained its top ranking in Kiplinger's Personal Finance's annual ranking of "Best Values" among public colleges. For the sixth consecutive year, UNC ranked first in the nation in terms of best value to in-state students, according to the updated rankings, which appear in Kiplinger's February edition.
UNC News Release: http://www.unc.edu/news/archives/jan07/kiplinger010807.htm

Carolinas colleges hailed as value-laden
The Associated Press (N.C.)

Six state universities were ranked among the 100 best education values in the United States, according to the February edition of Kiplinger's Personal Finance. ...Topping the list for the sixth time was the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "Tar Heel students pay $13,584 or less and get small classes, a top-notch faculty and a supportive environment that enables 84 percent of students to earn a degree within six years," Kiplinger said.
Related link: http://www.wral.com/business/story/1130036/

UNC gets $100,000 from shareholder rights activist
Triangle Business Journal

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said Tuesday that the Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation has donated $100,000 to the university's School of Journalism and Mass Communication to endow four annual scholarships. The gift will be used to fund scholarships for four senior undergraduate students interested in careers in business journalism or political journalism.
UNC News Release: http://www.unc.edu/news/archives/jan07/davisjournalism010407.html

The South in Black and White
"The State of Things," WUNC-FM

Timothy Tyson, adjunct professor in American Studies ath UNC-Chapel Hill, was featured on today's edition (Jan. 9) of "The State of Things." The 20th century’s major historical and political events shaped - and were shaped by - the color line in the American South. A new class offered to students at UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke and N.C. Central, as well as to community members, explores the history, politics, art and music of the South.

Weight Loss Struggle Can Lead to Eating Disorders for Women
WRAL-TV (CBS, Raleigh)

Many people struggle with their weight. For some people, it can become an obsession that leads to life-threatening eating disorders. ..."But doing that in a way that there's not a fear of certain foods and there's not a fear of their appetite or your hunger cues," said Victoria Petrilli, a registered dietician at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Students dive into water campaign
The News & Observer (Raleigh)

Alyssa Boggess painted a young girl playing beside a bend in a brook. ...The organization, started by two UNC-Chapel Hill grad students and headquartered in Kansas City, says that diseases related to foul or no water are the leading cause of death in the world.

Minimum wage hike elicits mixed feelings
Rocky Mount Telegram

For Juanita McKinnon, every week of work is a long one. ...Arne Kalleberg, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill who specializes in economic equality, said that while the wage hike may be a financial hit for businesses, it may also make minimum wage jobs more respectable and increase productivity.

Ousted Union Co. manager gets $600,000
The Charlotte Observer

Union County Manager Mike Shalati was fired Monday, but he walked away with a $600,000 severance package. ...Shalati's salary of $184,800 would have put him in the top ranks of other managers in the region, going by a list compiled in January 2006 by UNC's Institute of Government.

Building permit decline could be serious for Leland
The Wilmington Morning Star

Leland can't afford to stop growing. ...Typically, property and sales taxes are a municipality's highest sources of revenue, said William Rivenbark, associate professor with the University of North Carolina School of Government.

Ransom Street to close for one day
The News & Observer (Raleigh)

A UNC-Chapel Hill construction project west of campus will cause the temporary closing of Ransom Street to through traffic beginning this morning.
UNC News Brief: http://www.unc.edu/news/briefs/2007/010807.htm

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