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July 11, 2002

Carolina in the News

Here is a sampling of links and notes about Carolina 
people and programs cited recently in the state and local media:

State and Local Coverage

Traffic at Horace Williams Airport is declining

University officials have agreed to grant extensions to more than two dozen private pilots based 
at Horace Williams Airport. But they still plan to close the airport soon. Carolyn Elfland, UNC's 
vice chancellor for campus services
, said this week that the number of privately owned planes at 
the airport has dropped from 25 to 17 since the school announced in late April that it plans to 
close the airport.

Passion: Keeping government records open 

Every day, documents from the federal government trickle into UNCís Davis Library to be stored 
and available for the publicís scrutiny. Whether a mundane U.S. Department of Agriculture annual 
report, or a riveting transcript from Richard Nixonís impeachment hearings, it is all, in the eyes of 
Ridley Kessler, valuable historical record. For more than 30 years, Kessler has been one of the 
universityís gatekeepers of this public information.

Breathing should feel better today
Charlotte Observer

A snap in the heat streak today -- with a possibility of thunderstorms on the way -- is just what the 
Charlotte area needed for better air... "I hesitate to say `Don't go outside and exercise,' but you have
to monitor activity closely on bad ozone days," said Dr. David Peden, pediatrics professor at 
UNC Chapel Hill and director of the Center for Environmental Medicine and Lung Biology.

New technologies help hospitals keep track of their beds 
It wasn't so long ago that hospitals had decidedly low-tech ways of managing the constant churn 
of patients moving in and out of their inpatient beds. Until a few years ago, UNC Hospitals in Chapel 
Hill kept track of occupancy in its roughly 750 beds with tiny scraps of paper marked with each 
patient's name, gender and other pertinent information.

Issues and Trends Affecting Carolina

Lottery votes coming up shy 

The winning numbers on Wednesday were 6 and 1 -- the 61 votes needed to pass a state lottery 
referendum. And lottery proponents didn't have them. House Speaker Jim Black postponed a vote 
on a Nov. 5 advisory lottery referendum after supporters came up at least three votes short of 
enough to pass the bill.

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