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September 19, 2002

Carolina in the News

Current National Coverage

Here is a sampling of links and notes about Carolina 
people and programs cited recently in the national media:

Nu Shortcuts in School R 2 Much 4 Teachers
The New York Times

Each September Jacqueline Harding prepares a classroom presentation on the common writing mistakes 
she sees in her students' work... "I turn it into a very positive teachable moment for kids in the class," said 
Erika V. Karres, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who trains 
student teachers

Governing academia: Who makes the call? 
The Badger Herald (student publication at the University of Wisconsin)

At best, they're considered left-leaning. At the most extreme, academicians are labeled "radical liberals." ... 
Sue Estroff, chair of the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, agrees that the idea that 
professors tend to be liberal is partly a matter of timing... More recently, UNC was threatened with 
litigation as well as a budget cut when it assigned the book "Approaching the Qur'an" to first-year students 
as summer reading.
(Note: This article is from the student publication at Duke University

Don't know history (Editorial)
Burlington (Vt.) Free Press

A brouhaha is boiling at the University of North Carolina over a requirement that incoming freshmen read 
sections from the Qur'an, the holy text of Islam...

Study: Religious Teens Less Troublesome
KCRA-TV (NBC, Sacramento, Calif.)

Want to keep your teens out of trouble? Bringing them to church or temple might do the trick, according to 
a new study. U.S. teenagers who say they engage in regular religious practices are significantly less likely 
than their peers to get into legal and other troubles, a new study from researchers at the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill
found. However, the reports of better behavior were only found among teens who 
went to religious services at least once a week, or who professed deeply held spiritual views, said study 
director Dr. Christian Smith.
(Note: This coverage follows up a UNC news release Other coverage known to date 
includes WJHL-TV (CBS, Johnson City, Tenn.), United Press International, The Washington Times and 
The Durham Herald-Sun.)

Health News: Multivitamins reduce children's cancer risk 
The Detroit News

... Women who take a multivitamin during pregnancy cut their child's risk of nervous system cancer by 
almost 40 percent, say University of North Carolina researchers...
(Note: To view this health news brief, please go to the above url and scroll down the web page.)

State and Local Coverage

UNC: Estes Ext. best site for facility 
The Herald-Sun

UNC is pushing on with a plan to move its grounds department and a print shop to Estes Drive Extension, 
and will show drawings of the project to the campus Board of Trustees later this month, Chancellor James 

He keeps ending up at the starting line
Business North Carolina

Dick Kouri spent more than a decade doing what radiation biologists usually do: research and writing. His 
résumé lists three books and 100 academic papers. “I was pretty much into publish or perish.” But 20 
years ago, a nudge from a friend led him to leave the lab bench behind... And he teaches at UNC Chapel 
Hill’s business school
(Note: To view this article, please go to the above url and scroll down the page.)

Consumer contradiction 
News and Observer

President Bush is threatening war against Iraq, layoff notices are rising, and Wall Street remains in the grips 
of a bear market. Yet U.S. consumers keep spending as if nothing were wrong... "It's very encouraging 
that consumers keep spending even while they worry. We worry when they stop spending," said James F. 
, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bone fragments, pottery found 
Kinston Free Press

A group of shipbuilders bent on preserving Kinston's past discovered Wednesday that they had been standing 
on top of other pieces of the city's history for months now... One jawbone fragment with several teeth 
attached resembled that of a pig, said Brett Riggs, a research archeologist at the University of North Carolina 
at Chapel Hill
(Note: News Services helped connect Riggs with the reporter.)

Issues and Trends Affecting Carolina

U. of Maryland Slammed for Freshmen Reading
Fox News

The University of Maryland is coming under fire for handing out a book that critics say forces pro-homosexual 
propaganda on its students... Among them is the North Carolina-based Family Policy Network, which fought 
a University of North Carolina decision to assign all incoming students a reading assignment on the Quran.,2933,63487,00.html

Deal struck on budget 
News and Observer

General Assembly budget writers and Gov. Mike Easley struck a tentative budget agreement late Wednesday, 
avoiding a public showdown between the two branches over state spending and -- possibly -- paving the way 
for adjournment.

Land-use changes slammed 
The Herald-Sun

A sweeping rewrite of Chapel Hill’s land-use rules came in for harsh criticism Wednesday night from residents 
and even some members of the Town Council that directed its authors’ work.

More hours for library 
News and Observer

Buoyed by the latest state budget proposal, N.C. State University Chancellor Marye Anne Fox on Tuesday 
announced that she would restore round-the-clock hours at D.H. Hill Library by mid-October... NCSU and 
UNC-Chapel Hill had expected a worse fate and reduced spending by 5 percent as they began the academic 
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