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Oct. 6, 1997 -- No. 710

Faculty Council Meeting Agenda

Friday, Oct. 10, 3 p.m.
Assembly Room, Wilson Library

I. Remarks by Chancellor Hooker. Chancellor invites and responds to questions.
II. Announcements, Pete Andrews, Faculty Chair.
III. Reports (both for information only):

a. Faculty Grievance Committee, Evelyne Huber, chair.
b. Faculty Hearings Committee, Elizabeth Gibson, chair.

IV. Report of the Chancellor's Task Force on Intellectual Climate.

The primary agenda item for this meeting of both the Faculty Council and the general faculty is to receive and discuss the report from the task force, which was named at the request of the council, and to determine the wishes of the faculty regarding the recommendations, priorities and further action. (Internet address:, under “Office of the Chancellor.”

Andrews and Professor Pamela Conover will provide background and an introduction to the report before opening the floor to a general discussion and specific report items.Andrews is encouraging faculty to consider attending Friday's meeting since it is a general meeting of the faculty, not just a council session. Says Andrews: “It's an important opportunity for all of the faculty -- not just the council members -- to come and discuss the intellectual climate report and share their suggestions for next steps.”

Note: News Services generally has copies of council reports the week of the meeting.

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