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Not for publication Nov. 18, 1997 -- No. 866

Jane Goodall to lecture on plight of chimpanzees

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 7 p.m.

Memorial Hall, Cameron Avenue

Jane Goodall began studying the behavior of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania, East Africa, in 1960. Today, Goodall's work continues at the Gombe Stream Research Centre in Tanzania with year-round scientific observations of the descendants of her original study group. Goodall lectures worldwide about her discoveries and the plight of the chimpanzee.

Goodall holds that habitat destruction, human encroachment and other factors are causing wild chimpanzee populations to decline at an alarming rate. To facilitate field research on chimpanzees, Goodall founded The Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research Education and Conservation in 1977. Based in Ridgefield, Conn., the institute has offices in Canada, England, Germany, Austria, Taiwan and Tanzania. On her speaking tours, she warns that global wildlife destruction is a real threat.

Media access: Goodall will not be available for interviews unless her schedule changes. Direct specific requests to Jennifer Lindsey at the Jane Goodall Institute, 1-800-592-JANE (5263).

Talk coverage: Media planning to cover the talk should leave a message for Joan Blanchard at 966-3834 or call Lyndsay Richter at 962-7634 by noon Wednesday (Nov. 19) to reserve a space. Seating will be in the orchestra pit.

Background: Copies of information about Goodall will be available at the lecture and can be faxed to media representatives in advance. For faxes, call Sarah Williams at News Services, 962-2091.

Entry: Media representatives should enter the east backstage door beside the Hanes parking lot booth. Broadcasters with heavy equipment may unload beside Memorial, then move vehicles.

Parking: Park in the Swain lot on the north side of Cameron Avenue near South Columbia Street. Cross Cameron and walk east to Memorial Hall.

Broadcasters: Broadcasters should request permission to cover the speech. In advance, contact Jennifer Lindsey at 1-800592-JANE (5263). On site, please speak with Mary Lewis or Kelly Coladarci. Goodall's contract with the university specifies that no TV lights may be used during the lecture.


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Still photographers: Goodall's contract with the university specifies that no flashes may be used. Photographers may sit in the orchestra pit.

Tape recording: Print representatives may record as a backup or alternative to taking notes.

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